Kristian Hauan, FIDL

FIDL partners with Attensi to revolutionize digital learning through gamification

Attensi is delighted to partner with FIDL, a Norwegian company dedicated to providing Fun, Inspiring Digital Learning. Attensi’s gamified solutions will provide a tech platform from which FIDL will be able to deliver engaging and effective learning courses to users in various industries.

“We needed a technology platform that could fulfill the ambition of FIDL. What makes Attensi stand out is the real built-in gaming psychology.”

says Kristian A. Hauan, Chief Executive Officer at FIDL.

“We want to create the best customer experience out there,” says Morten Ulriksen, Chief Learning Officer, FIDL.

This statement is a reflection of both FIDL and Attensi’s philosophy when approaching learning and development. The partnership signifies a dedication to changing the way the world views learning, and centering approaches around the user.


An immediate impact

  • Attensi’s solutions are intuitive, requiring zero coding and easily adaptable. Having an easy to use, tailored tech platform lets FIDL do what they do best. Employees can pour all of their time into creating high quality learning content without worrying about how that content will be expressed to the user.
  • After partnering with Attensi, FIDL saw an immediate uptick in their completion rates to nearly 100%, with 96% of users saying they like the format and 89% saying they prefer it to traditional learning.
  • Attensi solutions are delivered with powerful tools for in-depth analysis across a range of data points, including completion rates, knowledge gaps closed and time to competence. FIDL can now fully visualize what content works best and make appropriate changes so they can keep delivering the best learning experience.


World leader

Attensi is a world leader in gamified training solutions, utilizing the power of game-play to banish the boring and make learning fun, engaging and effective. These innovative training solutions are delivered across multiple platforms and in a range of languages, with the goal of empowering organizations to unlock employees’ full potential.

With a proven track record of closing the knowledge gap, Attensi is revolutionizing the way organizations approach learning and development.

FIDL is a Norwegian company committed to providing fun, inspiring and accessible digital learning courses for users across various industries. By partnering with Attensi, they have secured a platform that can consistently deliver an exceptional learning experience, and that matches their ambitions to become a leader in the digital learning space. Are you looking to transform your organization’s approach to L&D? Attensi’s solutions empower your employees to become exceptional.

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