Helping people and organizations master new skills

Learning and adapting new skills quickly and continuously is hugely important for employment and economic success for individuals, organizations and society.

Attensi’s skill mastery goals for 2030

Our skill mastery commitments towards 2030 are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Enable 2 million people and 1,000 organizations to master new skills and behaviors through Attensi solutions
Reach 100,000 people in vulnerable situations with our solutions through our Social Impact Partnership programs
Grow our Social Impact Partnership program to include at least 10 high-impact partnerships
Maintain our high bar of excellence for solution quality and impact, and consistently improve our ability to measure real-world impact and learning-outcomes

Mastering new skills

At Attensi, our most significant leverage of our commitment to skill mastery means we’re involved in a number of Social Impact Partnerships as well as our ongoing work with successful organizations. 

We believe that our most significant leverage to be a positive force for good in this world, is to succeed with our core mission of empowering people to master skills and adopt new behaviors, which we do through work with our customers every day.

We also aid and promote education and development through our social impact partnership programs where we partner with a number of organizations to empower youth and others in vulnerable situations through our game-changing solutions.

How are we delivering impact?

One solution at a time, we hope to not only enable the workforce to reach their full potential but also to provide aid and support to youth and education and development.

Helping Hand

25,000 adolescents supported in mental health with our Helping Hand program

Flyt Trond Aas Attensi


FLYT programs reach 1000+ youth a year

Helping Hand Lebanon

5000 adolescent refugees in Lebanon reached and supported (Helping hand)

Fundación de Atención a la Niñez x Attensi

For many years, Attensi has been supporting Fundación de Atención a la Niñez (FAN) – The Child Care Foundation, based in Medellìn, Colombia. 

We hope the work we do will continue to help education and skill development in these territories. 

FAN support children who live in vulnerable economic or socio-political climates. Providing care, nutrition and education, their dedicated team gives children and adolescents access to opportunities, and a better life for them and their families.

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