Inclusive, responsible and equal opportunities

At Attensi, we are building a workplace that provides valuable opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

Because we know that to be game-changing, you need knowledge and experience from game-changing people.

Attensi’s inclusive and equal opportunity goals for 2030

Our equal opportunity commitments towards 2030 are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Be a company where people from all kinds of backgrounds love to work and maintain our open, trusting and fun culture
Zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and unethical behaviors
Be known as an active proponent of diversity in tech

How are we delivering impact? 

Diverse workforce

We’re very proud to have a diverse workforce that represents a breadth of backgrounds in terms of competency, gender, ethnicity, age and culture and are continuing to work to maintain and celebrate this. 

Attensi Ethics Committee

This in-house initiative operates as an escalation point for any ethical matters and considerations such as choice of customers, vendors etc.

We want to know anyone we work with shares our passion for fairness and is working towards similar equal opportunity goals.

Attensi Code of Ethics and Business conduct

We’ve ensured our company commitments and guidelines are available to all.

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