A sustainable future for our environment

We want to ensure a positive world for all future generations. From our own operations to growing partnerships with other organizations, we are actively working to minimize our environmental impact by 2030.

Attensi’s sustainability goals for 2030

Our sustainability commitments towards 2030 are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Track, manage and report on sustainability progress
Operate with minimum waste generation and environmental harm from our operations
Net zero carbon footprint from direct and indirect operations
Educate our workforce in sustainable development knowledge and skills
Leverage our solutions to increase sustainable development skills for organizations

How are we making these goals a reality?

A group of our game-changers have taken on the responsibility of driving change internally at Attensi. They’re spearheading initiatives and policy change within our organization.

Just some of the changes they’ve already implemented include:

  • Conscious office operations; recycling and power-saving measures
  • Raising the profile of environmentally friendly commuting
  • Driving Attensi towards cloud-based infrastructure
  • Carbon offsetting travel

Outlining everything from our company commitments to how we aim to reduce our environmental impact, our policy is in place to help keep us on track towards our goals.

Our aim has always been to help organizations to become exceptional. And knowledge and confidence around susiatinabiliy and environmental concerns is no different.

We’re extremely proud to be partnering with KPMG and Gjensidige to further their workforce sustainability education.

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