SportScheck: Changing the game of sports retail

SportScheck, Germany’s top sports retailer, aims to revolutionize the sports retail experience by prioritizing employee training and customer satisfaction. Their team explains how SportScheck SKILLS has transformed their approach.

87% knowledge gap closure
7x playthroughs per module on average
94% like the training and find it relevant to their day-to-day role

Changing the game of sports retail

Rated the no. 1 sports retailer in Germany, SportScheck is on a mission to give their customers the ultimate sports experience by exciting, improving and supporting their customers and athletes. The employees are central to SportScheck, giving their customers unique, personalized experiences. But to give such a high level of service, you need training to match.

We met SportScheck CEO, Matthias Rucker, and Employer Brand and People Development team members, Jessica vom Brocke and Anna Kraft, to find out how their Attensi platform, SportScheck SKILLS, has changed the game for this sporting giant.


What were the training challenges before Attensi?

Bringing people together

One of the biggest challenges faced by the SportScheck team when it came to previous training was bringing their widespread team together.

With over 30 stores throughout Germany, from Berlin to Munich, Jessi, Anna and the rest of the People Development team wanted to make sure every employee got the same high-quality training.

With so many different brands in store, Jessi tells us how they’ve faced challenges bringing all that brand and product knowledge together under one roof. And even if they could, delivering it consistently to the whole team was incredibly tough.

Finding new, exciting ways to train

While SportScheck still uses a mixture of materials to train – ranging from handbooks, PDF resources, and Teams calls – they knew they wanted to add another level of depth to both skills and product training.

Something practical that could really help store employees feel prepared for life in front of customers.

Enter Attensi

SportSheck SKILLS was the product of a close collaboration between SportScheck and Attensi. Combining a series of games and simulations, employees now have a new, exciting way to explore and develop their skills and their product and brand knowledge.

SportScheck decided to begin by improving the conversion rate, followed by additional sales skills training on upselling and cross-selling. The flexible, easy-to-use nature of CREATOR means they’re now adding new modules every day. The most recent being ‘Outdoor’ which is the first training category centering more around product and brand knowledge.

The all-important first impressions

One of the biggest compliments we can get on our training is that teams have fun doing it, and importantly, look forward to doing it again.

Jessi tells us how one of the most common pieces of feedback they receive is everyone loves how flexible it is. They can play whenever, wherever on whatever device suits them best – solving the challenge of delivering consistent, high-quality training to staff members in every store throughout the country.

The simulation element adds a new layer of practical training the SportScheck team hadn’t seen before.

The results

We’re in the world of sports after all. You want to know the results.

Jessi and Anna explain how the ability to really measure, and track results has made a real difference to the effectiveness of training. Within their Attensi platform, they can clearly see who’s played, how many times they’ve played, and how successful they’ve been.

Adding in a player survey after the modules has also allowed them to find out whether the training has been enjoyable to do.

And the outcomes have been pretty impressive

87% knowledge gap closure
7x playthroughs per module on average
94% like the training and find it relevant to their day-to-day role

Now full of confidence in CREATOR, Jessi and Anna are continually adding new modules. They hope to continue empowering the SportScheck team to give the best sporting experiences on the market.

As Matthias says, “This is just the beginning.”

Are you ready to level up your training?

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