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Webcast: How to run clinical staff training that will engage and empower

How to run clinical staff training that will engage and empower

Jonathan Moffett is joined by Jacqui Cooper, CNIO at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Jenni West, Associate Director of Digital Change, to talk about the training challenges facing NHS clinical staff today – and share how they successfully trained over 5000 clinical staff during a global pandemic.

Click the video to watch the full webcast or read on for the highlights from our talk with NHS.

“The NHS cannot continue to function the way we have – we cannot pull staff out of clinical settings to IT train them. We need to be creative with the way we use our resource. Moving forward for me that’s the number one thing; we physically couldn’t have done it and nor should we – because direct patient clinical care is the number one priority for us in the NHS.”

 –  Jacqui Cooper, Chief Nursing Information Officer at Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



Closing the clinical context gap

Traditional classroom learning, delivered by an IT trainer to clinical staff using digital systems in a patient care setting, often lacks one vital component; clinical context.

That’s not something an IT trainer is equipped to provide. After some training on functionality, the clinical staff will then have to use their digital systems in real patient care settings, and discover the clinical context for themselves – opening them up to making mistakes.

Mistakes in learning are never the problem; behavioural psychology tells us that’s how people learn, and learn well. Of course, mistakes in real patient care settings can have significant negative consequences.

Jacqui believes it’s crucial to give this clinical context in a truly retable way, as part of the training process – not after.

Effective training in the face of a global pandemic

Training that’s effective and engaging is challenging under normal circumstances. With a global pandemic rendering classroom learning impossible, how do we train with real impact, in a way that genuinely prepares clinical staff to confidently use IT systems in a clinical setting?

Jacqui credits Eleanor for having a significant impact in successfully training staff ready to meet their go-live date, without needing to remove them from their clinical work.

Eleanor is the carefully created simulation character, designed to accurately represent a real patient that the clinical staff were used to treating in their care, providing the extremely important clinical context that staff need to demonstrate competence in a real clinical setting.

The future of training clinical staff

As the global pandemic has pushed industries across the globe to find new ways of working, the NHS has experienced the same transition. With classroom learning becoming impractical even prior to the pandemic, the need for this transformation has only been accelerated.

As attention switched to classroom learning alternatives, Jacqui believed that e-learning wasn’t the answer, either.

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