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Attensi scoops Silver Award for External Learning Solution of the Year

We’re hugely proud to have won an award at this year’s Learning Awards for our work with Hiscox. As well as taking home silver, we were Digital Learning Transformation of the Year finalists as a result of our partnership with Circle K.

The biggest and brightest in Learning and Development gathered for the ceremony in London on 17 February 2022. Among the nominees were Natwest Group, Johnson and Johnson, PayPal and NHS England. 

Celebrating innovation and success

Attended by the biggest organisations from the global learning community, including Capita, PepsiCo, AstraZeneca and Barclays, winning a Learning Award is one of the top industry accolades.

Let’s take a look at why we were highlighted as External Learning Solution of the Year.


Scalable and effective gamified training

Global insurance giant Hiscox needed a training solution to prepare their underwriters for making important decisions in high pressure situations.

The FTSE 250 company needed a training programme that could:

● Effectively measure knowledge retention

● Cut down on the time required to successfully complete training

● Improve consistency of training throughout the organisation

● Easily scale the training programme

● Give underwriters the opportunity to practise in real life scenarios

Improving skills with immersive training

Working with Hiscox, we developed a gamified training programme designed to improve the case analysis and communication skills of its underwriters.

Together we created an extensive training programme that used both Attensi SKILLS and Attensi BEHAVIOUR. Using the minigames within SKILLS and the BEHAVIOUR simulations, underwriters were able to take part in simulated dialogue with brokers and the Chief Underwriter about the case studies they were working on.

Developing skills in a risk-free environment

Role plays can be a daunting experience for employees in traditional classroom training. The fear of getting something wrong in front of peers can make employees less likely to think differently and make decisions.

That’s why the simulation element of our training was important for Hiscox. They wanted to give their underwriters the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.


“It’s a very safe space to make errors. You’re not going to get everything right the first time and that’s okay. It’s good to have another go.”

– Charles Friend, Regional Underwriting Manager, Hiscox


What we achieved

Hiscox’s results speak for themselves:

● 95% said the training helped them navigate external relationships with brokers and stakeholders

● 95% said the training helped them understand how to communicate better with the claims team

● 80% said they felt more confident in their ability as an underwriter after completing the training

● Four repetitions per module on average

● Training time reduced from 60 hours of classroom-based training to 3 hours of Attensi training

For further information on our work with Hiscox you can see the full case study.


Global training delivered in record time

As well as scooping the silver award for External Learning Solution of the Year for our work with Hiscox, we were finalists for Digital Learning Transformation of the Year for our partnership with international convenience store chain, Circle K.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Circle K had a mammoth task on their hands. The international convenience store chain had to train around 6,000 staff on new working practices and regulations and they needed a quick turnaround.

An unprecedented challenge

When Europe went into lockdown, thousands of Circle K stores remained open to give people access to daily essentials.

Understanding new guidelines, including social distancing, sanitisation and employee mental wellbeing, was a priority. When group interactions and classroom training weren’t an option, Circle K’s management had to think outside the box. Having previously worked with Attensi, the team at Circle K knew who to call.

The answer: Gamified simulation training

Attensi SKILLS is a mobile-first training solution, meaning employees can use the app on their own devices. Putting training in the palm of their hands, staff could gain the knowledge and learn the behaviours that would help them in the workplace during Covid-19 restrictions.

Partnering with Attensi, the Circle K team was able to design a fully customised set of training modules relating to the new Covid-19 policies and guidelines. These modules had to be translated into nine different languages for roll out across various European countries.

Timing was critical to the success of this roll out and despite the clear challenges, we managed to turnaround a complete solution in just four days.


The results were impressive

Working against the clock, taking a collaborative approach was critical to the success of our partnership with Circle K. Together, we delivered some truly outstanding results:

● Over 80,000 individual training sessions were completed and recorded

● 3,000 staff were trained and certified within the first week of rollout, with 6,000 by the end of the following month

● Average knowledge score of staff improved by 87%


“As responsible operators, it was vital for us to handle the impact of coronavirus with the utmost care. From our in-store staff to sales managers in the B2B segment, this project has really been evidence of a team that pulls in the same direction.”

– Nina Sandsbråten, Senior Director of Staff, Circle K


At Attensi, we’re proud of the work we’ve done with Hiscox and Circle K and we’re delighted our platform has been recognised by The Learning Awards.

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