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Drilling offshore workers in health and safety best practices


Located hours away from the emergency services, industry-leading health and safety training is essential to keep offshore oil rig workers safe in hazardous environments.

That’s why Norwegian energy giant Equinor turned to Attensi.


Why gamified simulation training is a safe bet for Equinor

Partnering with Equinor, we created a video game-style safety training program to teach its 2,000-strong offshore workforce best safety practices.

All of the true-to-life playable scenarios are based on analysis of actual events experienced at a working rig off the Norwegian coast in the North Sea.


This mission-critical training is designed to ensure that everyone, from a new technician heading offshore for the first time to the lead of the rig platform, can follow optimal safety practices.

– Erik Sorhaug, innovation and services lead at Equinor

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Proof safety practices are drilled in


said it is effective in improving their safety


said the training is “challenging and engaging”


repetitions per user


said the characters and roles in the simulations are highly recognisable and accurate to their day-to-day operations


Game-based training meets Equinor’s industry-leading standards

Attensi partner Kjell-Andre Steffensen said: “Equinor holds itself to the highest safety standards in the industry, which means they require a training approach that is effective enough to ensure learners meet those standards.

“Traditional online learning and tick-box exercises risk leaving knowledge gaps, which gamified training can bridge and ensure that lessons are embedded into employee behavior when it counts the most – in safety-conscious industrial settings and in the field.”

Secure future

Based on the success of the best safety practices training, Equinor has entered into an enterprise partnership with Attensi and is expanding the new approach to its global workforce.

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