Wilhelmsen: Global digitization rolled out globally with Attensi

Discover how Wilhelmsen rolled-out global digitization using Attensi PROCESS, ensuring a smooth Salesforce implementation, leading to successful IT system launches, widespread process adoption and high employee satisfaction.

95% of staff demonstrated hands-on mastery of the new process to achieve certification
91% said that completing Attensi PROCESS helped them in their real-life work
87% stated that “the training was easy and intuitive to use”

Global digitization rolled out with Attensi

International shipping giant Wilhelmsen needed a tool to ensure consistent implementation of its new Salesforce solution. By working with Attensi’s gamified simulation training, Wilhelmsen effectively launched new IT systems, processes, and procedures across numerous locations, and earned record satisfaction results from its employees.

As one of the world’s most recognized international shipping brands, Wilhelmsen is no stranger to changing tides. And after more than 200 years in operation, the company has seen its fair share of new technologies come and go.

But in an industry synonymous with huge, slow-turning vessels, Wilhelmsen is notably more agile in making operational changes.

Wilhelmsen’s staff are responsible for products and services being applied consistently across all territories. When you’re operating out of more than 2,200 ports in 125 countries, this presents a unique set of challenges.

The operational system that Wilhelmsen had previously relied on was over 20 years old. The management team knew it was time to introduce something new and fit for purpose, and Salesforce’s CPQ module1 – or ‘Configure Price and Quote’ – proved to be the ideal solution.

But now Wilhelmsen was faced with a fresh problem. How to get employees up-to-speed with a new system quickly, effectively, and in a format that would engage them?

What Wilhelmsen set out to achieve

Reduce financial cost and time connected to L&D
Launch Salesforce across numerous locations
Deliver a clear message consistently across multiple territories

Before working with Attensi, the Wilhelmsen Learning and Development team had mostly relied on training staff in a classroom environment. As anyone who has worked with traditional learning methods will know, this has its limitations.

Firstly, there’s the upfront time and financial cost of planning, managing, and executing in-person classes. Particularly across multiple territories, in numerous languages.

Then there’s ensuring that the message is consistently delivered across all classes. Something that is highly reliant on the quality of the tutors leading the sessions. And even with the best-run classes, knowledge retention rates from one-off lectures alone are often disappointing.

The team had also trialed some e-learning solutions, but these proved to be too linear, not interactive enough, and failed to engage staffIn short, the quality left a lot to be desired, as did the impact on the business.


Attensi PROCESS provided a different solution. One that addressed all Wilhelmsen’s concerns

PROCESS swapped the classroom for a virtually realized 3D simulation. One that closely mimicked employees’ day-to-day working environment. Process combines behavioral learning and systems management, ensuring that Wilhelmsen staff could master the new tools at their disposal in a format that they recognized.

Each module within the PROCESS simulation is designed to be repeated at will, each with scores and ratings. These provide a tangible measure of personal progress and encourage friendly rivalries between staff and departments for top scores.

“We see in the results of how many times people take the training that people take it over and over and over again. Because they like it, they start having little competitions with each other.”

Leona Geilvoet

VP Culture and Organizational Dev | Wilhelmsen

The feedback results have been immediate

95% of Wilhelmsen staff who took the training can now demonstrate their mastery of the new Salesforce processes, and as a result, have now been certified.
91% reported to have been helped by the Attensi PROCESS training in a real-life situation at work
87% stated that they found it ‘easy and intuitive to use’.

And the impact has not been lost on Global Learning and Development Director, Glenn Ruud:

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