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Supporting the NHS through immersive gamified training solutions

Pressurised and high stake environments require thorough, engaging and memorable training.

Attensi is proud to have been supporting NHS Liverpool University Hospital with the adoption of the latest in efficiency technology, Paperlite. Our immersive gamified simulation training materials provide every scenario you could need under one, virtual roof.

Your teams will have the training to ensure a safe, efficient experience for their patients.

Optimising and streamlining the patient experience

‘We wouldn’t have had a trained, efficient, effective workforce without Attensi.’

– Jacqui Cooper, Chief Nursing Information Officer at Liverpool University Hospital


A transformation was required

Liverpool University Hospital approached Attensi about revolutionising the way they provided essential IT training during the Coronavirus pandemic. Removing staff from their units to provide face to face training was no longer a possibility.

‘The gap in IT training is clinical context.’

Using the valuable insight from Liverpool University Hospital and our unique blend of human psychology and gamified technology, we created ‘Eleanor’ – a virtual patient who provided all the complexities of a real life patient.

Taking Eleanor through her journey from admission to discharge allowed teams to practically apply their new software, Paperlite, in a way that made sense to their day to day role.

A matter of life and death

In a hospital, sub standard training could literally mean the difference between life and death. When time and resources are few and far between, hospitals need learning and development that goes beyond a tick box exercise.

The information must be retained and results must be measurable.

Attensi’s gamified training solutions are designed to enable teams to immerse themselves in bitesize, virtual scenarios that allow them to make mistakes in a safe environment. The repeatable, interactive materials can be updated and visited time and time again.

Total training time was reduced from 46 weeks to just 2, saving 40,000 + frontline staff hours.

Average knowledge scores increased from 31% to 93% from first to last playthrough.

90% of staff stated they could apply their newly learned skills to their daily work.

Competence, compliance and confidence

Using Attensi’s gamified simulation training solutions, every member of your team has the opportunity to nurture their skills.

Whether you’re onboarding, providing compliance refresher courses on compliance or improving the competence of your staff, watch as their confidence grows using our 3D simulations.

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