Retail’s Big Recovery:

With Lord Mark Price


In conversation with Fairtrade Foundation Chairman and life peer, Lord Mark Price, and Attensi Retail BD Director, Dan Scott.

Get your staff prepared and supported to accelerate into 2021, and beyond.


The retail sector knows about bouncing back from challenging times all too well. But 2020 may be the most challenging in living memory. Local and national lockdowns. Staff furlough. Pressure from online. And Brexit looming on the horizon.

To help us make sense of it all, we’ve called in who the Independent has dubbed ‘one of the nation’s favourite businessmen’, Lord Mark Price. As a former Deputy Chairman of The John Lewis PartnershipUK government minister, current Chairman of Fairtrade, and sitting member of the House of Lords, his CV speaks for itself. And that’s before mentioning his founder status of and Engaging Business.

Join us in conversation with Attensi Retail BD Director, Dan Scott, to uncover how preparing your staff for whatever retail faces next will be imperative to our industry’s recovery.

Topic timeline:


01:51 – Which metrics and stats are most vital for retailers to monitor?

08:50 – What practical steps can retailers take now to prep for 2021?

12:51 – Why the People function is set to rise in retail going forward.

19:20 – How long will the recovery take? Where will it happen first?

27:24 – What can government do to support the retail industry?

35:14 – How can retailers best prepare for Brexit?

43:30 – Striking an effective work/life balance for your people.

Lord Mark Price – Chairman, The Fairtrade Foundation. Founder,, Engaging Business.


“Organisations with the happiest people – the most engaged people – are more profitable by 20% and more productive by 20%.”


“In the work that we did in John Lewis and Waitrose there is a very clear correlation between those branches that had the happiest and the most engaged [staff] and their commercial results – their sales and profits.”



Dan Scott – Retail BD Director, Attensi


“If you go into a classroom with 50 people, there are 50 different speeds of learning – people that learn really quickly, some that are slower, and some in the middle. You’re then at the mercy of the trainer going at the right pace for you.”


“Is it really viable now to take some of your best people away from their roles to train new people? You’re losing the productivity value of that individual. [With] virtual onboarding, digital tools, and training tools, people can [learn] in their own time.”

About Attensi


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How are you preparing your people for 2021?

Group classrooms are not an option for the foreseeable future.

❌ Mentoring through video chat ties up your best people and removes them from where they are most effective.

❌ E-learning software is too linear, too restrictive, and does not engage like an interactive format should.

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