How to Get Your People Ready for Hospitality’s New Normal


The economy’s much talked about ‘new normal’ will bring with it a host of challenges for hospitality and retail businesses.

None will be more pressing than getting your staff up to speed, feeling confident, and ready to lead the line in accelerating out of this crisis.

To unpack these people-first challenges, this week we’re hosting a video Q&A with British Travel & Hospitality Hall of Famer, Adam Rowledge.

Named Independent Hotelier of the Year 2018, Adam has over 20 years of experience as a top hospitality operator. Now in his role as MD of Rowledge Associates, he advises leading players in hospitality and retail – including the likes of Hotelhero – helping them to adopt a people-first approach.

Have you got a question you would like answered by Adam?

Leave it with us in the form below. We’ll be sure to send you a link to the full recording next week.

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