We’ve been busy over the summer fine-tuning our hot new feature releases for SKILLS, PORTAL and ENGAGE.

Attensi’s fab new feature releases

We’ve been busy over the summer fine-tuning our hot new feature releases for SKILLS, PORTAL and ENGAGE.

This month’s four new updates are:

Push notifications
To-do lists (aka Activity)
Automatic campaign triggers
Team leaderboards

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Mobile push notifications have launched

Get the latest updates on-the-go, thanks to push notifications. Keep your workforce in the know about:

  • The launch of the latest training
  • Upcoming deadlines
  • New content

Push notifications are available on both iOS and Android devices.

How to get started with push notifications

Push notifications are available – and included for free – to all our customers with the Attensi SKILLS app, Attensi’s self-service tool to deliver automated campaigns.

If you don’t currently have ENGAGE, one of our experts will happily guide you through the product.


Tick things off your digital to-do list in Portal

Ticking things off a to-do list is one of life’s simple pleasures – and now you can do it in PORTAL, thanks to the launch of Activity. You’ll never forget to complete that GDPR training again. Phew!

Plus, practical tasks, such as completing a first aid course, can also be added to your digital journey. This means you can be awarded a star and track all your – online and offline – training to-date in PORTAL.


Set and forget with automatic campaign triggers

We’re making life easier by removing one mundane manual process at a time. ENGAGE’s automatic campaign triggers are the simple way to get comms out quickly and efficiently over email, SMS, or even push notifications. And here are some use cases to get you started:

  • When people register for an event you can select trigger-based campaigns to automatically send them information such as pre-read materials.
  • Or maybe when an employee has completed their compliance training, they’ll automatically receive a congratulatory SMS.
  • And here’s yet another use case… Trigger-based updates can let employees returning from sick leave know that they’ve had their access reactivated. Pretty slick, huh?


Which department will top the leaderboard?

It’s clash of the departments with our leaderboard update. Yes, that means Sales can now go head-to-head with Finance and settle the dispute over the astronomical cost of the latest ‘work lunch’.  After battling it out in SKILLS or SKILLS+ games, the team with the most points tops the leaderboard. Put it all on the line and prove that you really are the top team in your organisation.

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