Belonging: Attract, train and retain an inspired workforce ready for the future

This insight paper brings together professional services firms, industry leaders, and extensive post-pandemic research to discuss the challenges facing the sector, identify future trends and share practical examples of how firms are facing this disruption head-on.

To find out more, download Attensi’s whitepaper. Inside you’ll find insights on:

  • Global disruption of the status quo: A global view of the sector and the trends driving disruption.
  • Evolving in the “Big Skills Shift”: How do businesses adapt quickly to attract and retain the right people?
  • Attracting talent: The power of training! An interview with UK National Accountancy Practice.
  • Retaining talent: Building gamified simulations into insurance training.
  • Culture and Leadership: How to change the game! An interview with an international law firm.
  • The future trends leading the way: Tech disruption, data led training and new ways of learning, find out what’s on the horizon for the professional services industry.

Join industry leaders who are changing the game with Attensi:

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