Why do employees quit?

1. They are not satisfied with their manager.
2. They don’t feel a sense of mastery.

People often focus on the recruitment of great leaders rather than training people to become great leaders. Why are they not great managers? What factors contribute to your employees’ lack of confidence in their job?

A Scandinavian insurance company shared that it cost them more than 200 000 USD, in both direct and indirect costs, if an employee leaves within the first six months. This was directly linked to a poor onboarding experience. How do you onboard new employees? And how do you train your managers when they get more responsibility?


Poor onboarding comes with hidden costs

A bad onboarding process can affect the quality of your employees work, productivity, engagement, and attrition. A strong onboarding process produces well-trained, motivated employees who deliver superior work quality. New employees take time to reach peak productivity. An improved onboarding program can significantly reduce the time it takes for an employee to become fully productive. There is also a strong correlation between the onboarding experience and employee turnover.

Many of our customers have seen a direct impact on employee retention after revamping their onboarding program:

yo sushi storefront

Reduced turnover by 10%

With Attensi YO! was able to keep staff skills sharp at all their 100-plus restaurants around the world. Ian Watson, YO’s learning and development director, said it had a major, positive impact on performance. Recruits are much more likely to stay and succeed.

Reduced attrition by 32%

Equiniti (EQ) was able to enhance the quality of their training while simultaneously reducing onboarding time by two weeks for their new customer service representatives. After partnering with Attensi they reduced attrition by 32% during their onboarding program.

Ready to enhance your onboarding journey?

What the best-in-class do differently

Best-in-class companies realize the value of a strong onboarding program. Here are their secrets:

Start early:

By initiating the onboarding process even before the employee’s first day, many companies dramatically reduce the time it takes for new hires to start making their impact.

Role-specific onboarding:

Successful onboarding is tailored to the individual role. Identify the specific roles that need training and then create customized training plans for each role.

Holistic approach:

Onboarding requires more than just training. It involves immersing hires in the culture, defining goals, facilitating role assimilation, and integrating social networks from day one.


Elevate your onboarding with Attensi

Unlock growth for your organization through our dynamic content hub. PORTAL’s streaming-style platform empowers seamless engagement with diverse training materials, including videos, PDFs, and Attensi’s game-based simulations, all in one place.

Journey: Customize training journeys within PORTAL, incorporating both learning and real-life experiences. Whether as a comprehensive onboarding solution or a complement to HR-driven processes, PORTAL enhances employee integration.

Engage: Foster early engagement with SMS communication even before an employee’s first day, setting the stage for a connected onboarding experience.

Reports: Empower leaders with the ability to monitor employee progress and career advancement, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.

Workshops and Coaching: Leverage Attensi’s proven framework to structure effective onboarding journeys, offering workshops and coaching to support seamless integration.

Ready to unlock the benefits of effective onboarding?

Your Attensi team is here to help you craft an onboarding experience that maximizes employee success. If you’re wondering how Attensi can revolutionize your employee onboarding experience, fill out the form in the button below, and we’ll be in touch to assist you on this transformative journey!

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