Gamification: The remedy to all your pharma training needs

With so many moving parts coming together to create a successful pharmaceutical business. Effective, role specific training is absolutely essential; from manufacturing, QA and QC to packaging and logistics.

But, when technology is constantly advancing and practices quickly becoming outdated, how do you train your staff in a cost-effective way that sticks?

It’s time to prescribe your employees gamified pharma training solutions.

What has pharma training previously looked like?

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry is big. And when we say big, we mean enormous. In 2021, worldwide pharma revenues came to a whopping 1.42 trillion US dollars1.

Bearing statistics like this in mind, it might be surprising that pharma training hasn’t always been productive and worthwhile. With the money to invest, why has it been so hit and miss.

Not only has machinery developed, but patient expectations and healthcare practices have too. This often happens at such rapid speed that companies fail to keep up. The COVID-19 pandemic is a great example. People had to adapt, and quickly.

One of the biggest things to come from the global pandemic was faster adoption of digitalization, in all areas across pharmaceuticals.

It’s looking like this advancement is sticking around for the long-run, and for the better. But in order to keep up with the times, businesses must keep up the momentum of an ever-changing sector, or risk lagging behind their competitors.


Recurring problems industry leaders have faced

Equipping staff with the knowledge to convey a message to HCPs is absolutely vital. It always has, and it always will be. Doing this successfully has historically been a challenge for the industry. We all know that any subject needs thorough training. When you’re dealing with technical subjects like sciences, it’s critical that all staff members are totally up to speed. Whether that’s the regulation and compliance side of things or clinical research.

A problem that staff have is juggling personal lives and work lives, whilst managing training. It can be tricky to complete staff training effectively in such a fast-paced environment.

Although not all pharmaceutical and healthcare workers have the same job responsibilities, these professionals can all face similar problems when it comes to pharma training.

Attensi has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and we’ve found that lots of these people face the same recurring problems time and time again:

  • Participants struggled to recall information after a period of time had passed
  • Participants couldn’t take part in the training at their own pace, in their own time
  • Learning and development teams couldn’t measure the effectiveness of the sessions

We all know that any subject needs thorough training. But when you’re dealing with technical subjects like sciences, it’s critical that any staff members are totally up to speed.


How Attensi’s gamification allows organizations to reach the next level in their pharma training

Rooted in the psychology of learning and motivation, gamification allows those working in pharma to provide training that’s based on human behavior and real life experiences.

Gamification recognizes the need for solutions that are effective in banishing the forgetting curve. Fortunately for our partners, Attensi’s gamified training does just that.

One of the things our partners love about Attensi’s training solutions are the customizable and bite-sized training elements. Working together, we’ve allowed our partners to complete training whilst on-the-go. Whether that’s in the office or commuting to and from work. Cover the needs of all your workers, from managers to administrative workers.

And they also love the fact that we use the latest technology.

In an industry where mistakes can mean life or death, AR, VR and 3D simulation tech is of vital importance. We work incredibly closely with our partners to create true-to-life immersive experiences, so staff can train safely, without the costly repercussions of mistakes. Your staff learn, whilst meeting the demands of patients’ needs.


How can you measure success in pharma training?

In order for pharma training to be a hit, it needs to be measurable.

A big component of gamified training is that it inspires healthy competition. This is measured through leaderboards, which not lets teammates compare scores, but gives managers insights into how their staff are performing.

More traditional forms of training often looked like self-assessments, evaluations and mini-exams. We see the value in self-examination and recommend our partners to implement it in their training. Adding section overview tests at the end of each training module quickly allows you to measure progress.

Take a look at how we helped Boehringer Ingelheim deliver training to over 25 countries across the world here.

Our pharma partners have revolutionized
their training with Attensi

You know your L&D offering is working when you can see the positive impact of behavioral change across your organization. And it’s something we’ve achieved in the past.

Learn how Boehringer Ingelheim worked with Attensi to step up their pharma training.


of the identified knowledge gap closed


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times on average have the employees repeated the training

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