Engage and motivate your workforce with a gamified LMS

Employee engagement has once again come to the fore of company priorities, following the 2021 ‘Great Resignation’.

Gallup’s State of the Workplace: 2021 report1 confirmed the dire situation, finding that only 20% of employees were engaged.

It is crunch time for organisations to act. After all, engagement is vital in driving productivity, retention, profitability, and overall wellbeing. So, what can be done?

Well, we believe it comes down to gamifying the employee learning experience. To back this up, online recruitment company Zippia2 found that gamification improved productivity by 90% and engagement by 60%, while 72% of those surveyed said they were more motivated to complete tasks and work harder.

Compelling figures, right?

Now imagine the impact you could drive if you could build gamification into your Learning Management System (LMS).

The good news: You can.


How Attensi gamifies the experience

You’ll know your LMS as the place where you keep all your valuable learning resources, like e-learning, videos, event bookings, and PDFs, for your teams. Well, a gamified LMS is similar but with a little more pizazz.

As an example of a gamified experience, let’s use Attensi PORTAL, our learning and development hub (more on this later). PORTAL delivers features such as:

Journey mapping

Displaying the learning journey on a game-style map provides a clear visual representation that helps users understand how many modules there are to complete, tracks progress, and acts as a reference aid in their development journey.

You can even design specific journeys that are personalized to an individual’s role. For example, you may choose one journey for your sales team and another for your managers. Each group will receive tailored content that is designed to help them improve their role-specific skills.

There’s a feelgood factor too: the map can display stars, shower the screen with confetti, or even burst into applause after a module is completed.


Leaderboards in PORTAL track which individual or team (department) is topping the rankings for each game or module.

And because there’s nothing like a little healthy competition, it gives winners bragging rights if they beat their colleagues’ scores!

Best of all, users who find they’re not top of the leaderboard after their first go can try again. We find that leaderboards can help drive motivation and engagement to not just complete but repeat the training.

Fun fact: some of our partners just can’t get enough of our game-based solutions, repeating modules six times on average.

Star achievements

For each completed Attensi module, you’ll receive a star or stars depending on your score. For example, 5 stars would be awarded if you achieve 85% or above, 4 stars for 70% or above, and 3 stars for 55% or above and so on.

Whereas, when you complete your organisation’s in-house training (e.g., e-learning tasks) you’ll receive a single star. You’ll then be able to see how many stars you have gained and how many you’re yet to collect. Just like Pokémon, the aim of the game is to collect ‘em all.

Player (user) profile

Creating user profiles adds to the personalization and gamification. You can either use people avatars or up the fun with nicknames and animals (bear, anyone?). It adds levity to learning, keeping users motivated to notch up as many points as possible.

How Attensi’s PORTAL offers a flexible learning environment

Attensi’s PORTAL can sit alongside your standardized LMS (meaning the two software applications are no longer siloed) or be used as a simplified and user-friendly LMS.  We also offer users with a large selection of plug and play integrations, including:

Single sign on:

  • Azure Active Directory (AAD)
  • System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)
  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)


  • Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) or Tin Can courses


  • SAP SuccessFactors

However you choose to use PORTAL, you’ll have the flexibility to house learning materials, like PDFS, e-learning and videos, next to your gamified training, streamlining the user journey.

Mobile access

Most LMSs and Learning Xperience Platforms (LXPs) are only available on your work computer, restricting when and where a user can access their training. However, with PORTAL users can dip into bitesize training anytime, anywhere on mobile and tablet.

We believe that this helps meet the expectations of today’s users – and funnily enough, so does career and management learning solution Mind Tools, which revealed that 30%3 of people use smartphones for on-the-go learning. While LinkedIn Learning, formerly, found that phones accelerate learning by a whopping 43%4 compared with their desktop counterparts. It just goes to show how creating concise and engaging content drives repetition and engagement.

Bring the engagement of gamification to the real world

Ticking things off a checklist is one of life’s simple pleasures – and now you can start crossing things off in PORTAL. You’ll never forget to complete that GDPR training again. Phew!

Plus, practical tasks, such as completing a first aid course, can also be added to your digital journey. This means you can be awarded a star and track all your – online and offline – training to-date in PORTAL.

In PORTAL, you can share team and company news, from the release of new training and the launch of the latest minigames, to company promotions. And because training materials can be housed within PORTAL, it’s easy for users to read about and then play the latest games. It helps build that sense of community while motivating users to bring their A game to all their training.

Keep your workforce engaged – and informed – with our aptly-named tool called ENGAGE (get all the deets here). This self-service feature allows users to effectively communicate with their crowd. For example, you can create an automated user journey for new employees. Once they’re added, users will receive an SMS or email requesting that they start training. You can also set automatic triggers reminding those who have got tardy with their time management.

Enhance your gamified LMS or LXP with game-based training

Within this learning environment, you can further supercharge your experience with gamified simulation training. To learn more about our solutions, you can speak to our expert team now. We’ll be happy to help.

If you would like to know more about how Attensi PORTAL, why not book in for a chat with one of our experts?

Are you ready to level up your training?

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