Why Hiscox Built a 3D Underwriter Simulator

Learn how Hiscox used gamified simulation training to close the skills gap and prepare underwriters for their careers in the real world.



Fighter pilots clock thousands of hours in simulators before entering a real cockpit. Surgeons run simulations to train for complex procedures. But what about… underwriters?

Insurance provider Hiscox harnessed the same immersive learning principles to create the world’s first underwriter simulator. The solution features:

✅ Interactions with 3D avatars of brokers and colleagues.

✅ Simulated market research, email requests, and phone calls with experts.

Digital case studies to test qualitative judgement skills.

Learn how they pulled it off, and why, in this overview presented by Hiscox Group Head of People Development, Des Bishop, and Attensi Business Development Director, Huw Newton-Hill.

Topic timeline:


00:00 – Introductions and Hiscox overview.

04:12 – Why choose simulation training? An alternative to ‘sitting next to Nelly’.

06:59 – Mapping a holistic learning journey, in 3 steps.

08:29 – Demo of Attensi SKILLS app minigames and modules.

11:00 – Using digital case studies to bring learning to life.

18:30 – Real feedback from underwriters who trained with the simulation.

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