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Because It’s fun. It’s effective.
It’s revolutionary.


What exactly is gamified simulation training?

Gamified simulation training is the perfect way to engage with your team members on a global scale to make real-life impact. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what real-life customers have to say:


Higher engagement

Banish the boring.

Your teams have done training before, but not like this.

Immersive gamified training encourages healthy competition and repetition to maximise knowledge retention.

on track

Internationally scalable

What’s a more universal language than gaming?

With gamified training, you’re never limited by location.

Wherever your people are in the world, deliver specific simulation training to grow their skills.

Measurable impact

The impact of training should outlast the course itself.

Using gamified training allows you to view leaderboards, playtime, and real cultural change in your organisation.

Why use gamification in corporate training?

Because it’s out with the old, in with the new

Classroom training, videos, linear e-learning; they all walked so gamified simulation training could run.

Combining advanced 3D modelling and human psychology

Gamified simulation training is what happens when you bring sophisticated gaming mechanics, some of the best writers and designers, and human psychology together.

The modern alternative to traditional training, your team will immerse themselves in authentic scenarios, involving human interactions, realistic workplace processes, and systems. Similar to any other game, if they get things wrong, they can simply have another go.

Unlike more traditional learning methods, there’s nothing passive about gamified simulation training. This groundbreaking simulation approach is all about taking an active role in development.

Where does gamified simulation training fit into my organisation?


Corporate culture training     

Immerse your team members into your company culture with a series of gamified simulations.

Whether it’s your mission, your vision, your values, your goals; use gamified simulation training to ensure everyone in your team is aligned on the direction of your business.

Sales training

Nurture the skills of your sales team. Help them to help you by providing engaging gamified simulation training designed specifically for your organisation’s needs.

Authentic simulations will help your sales team experience everything from upskilling techniques to their first time in front of the C-Suite.

Compliance training     

Regulatory and compliance hasn’t always had a history of being the most fun.

Now, you can offer your teams an alternative. From health and safety to anti-money laundering, combine vital industry information with our gamified simulation training to maximise knowledge retention.

Health and safety training

Increase your number of reported incidents and near misses, while leaving no corridor of uncertainty for dealing with emergencies.

Provide your people with the safety reassurance they need to deliver the results your business demands.

Leadership training

Shape your organisation from the top down with a groundbreaking approach to leadership training. Nurture existing skills, learn new ones. There’s always room to learn.

Onboarding training

Kick things off with a bang for your new recruits. Before they even set foot in the door, they can take advantage of your mobile gamified training.

Gamified training is for everyone

Someone who’s a great tennis player won’t always be a good football player. We all have our different strengths.

That’s why we’ve built a range of different game styles into the Attensi platform.

From leaderboards and certification to minigames and battle mode – one thing is for certain: training never has to be boring again.

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