A Proven Method for Measurable Impact

Organisational development has relied on the same methods for 20 years: Classroom training, mentoring, videos and linear e-learning. These practices have proven ineffective, and large amounts of time and money have been wasted. Time has come for a method that actually works: Making training fun.

Our solutions combine advanced 3D modeling with deep insight of human behaviour and psychology, training employees in authentic situations that involve human interaction and operation of business critical software and systems.

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Making Training Fun

Attensi’s gamified 3D simulations represent a radically new method to achieve real, measurable behaviour change in large organisations. The simulations are different from other training solutions – and much more effective. By using a unique blend of gamification and realism, combined with deep and varied interactivity, training is made engaging.

Due to the success we consider Attensi to be a key platform for online operational improvement initiatives and continue to expand our engagement with them.

– Pål Vibe, CEO Europris

Simulation-based Training is an Effective Method to Adopt New Behaviour


Source: Edgar Dale’s cone of experience (1969) and Bobbi DiPorter’s “Quantum Learning”
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Completion Rates for Different Training Methods

  • 94%

    Completion ratio with Attensi’s gamified training portfolio

  • 25%

    Completion rate with e-learning courses

  • 10%

    Completion rate with MOOCs (online video training)

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