Using Simulations to

Protect Children:

With the NSPCC’s Laura Randall


In conversation with Head of Strategy for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Laura Randall, and Attensi BD Director, Madeline Porter.

Learn how this unique simulation training has been used to give adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations with children about challenging topics, like abuse.


For most of us, having a serious conversation with a young child can be a challenge. Even more so if you’re concerned that they might be experiencing or at risk of abuse.

Research from the NSPCC’s Let Children Know You’re Listening project shows that adults often don’t feel secure in how to approach such a difficult subject. The charity has drawn on what they learned through this research and collaborated with Attensi on ‘Talk to Me‘: an interactive training simulation designed to give adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations with children about abuse.

Join us in conversation with the NSPCC’s Head of Strategy, Laura Randall, to uncover the lessons and insights from this one of a kind simulation, and how you can apply them in the real world.

For more information, read NSPCC Learning’s report on the impact ‘Talk to Me’ has had since launch.

Topic timeline:


02:03 – What is ‘Talk to Me’? And how does it work?

04:24 –What challenges can ‘Talk to Me’ help adults tackle?

08:59 – How is ‘Talk to Me’ different from traditional training methods?

13:28 – How did NSPCC experts input into ‘Talk to Me’?

20:00 – The Results: What feedback has been collected?

24:38 – What other topics could ‘Talk to Me’ address in the future?

Laura Randall – Head of Strategy, The NSPCC


“It was really important for us to provide professionals with a safe space to practice their skills… Confidence is gained through practice.”


95% of those who completed our survey either agreed or strongly agreed that the training made them more confident in talking to children about abuse. Now that is successful, for us.”


“This simulation helps us build the tools to support children around us, to make sure they’re feeling listened to, so they’ve got the support they need in such difficult times.”

Now try ‘Talk to Me’ for yourself


You’ve seen the webcast, now it’s your turn. ‘Talk to Me’ guides you through a range of interactive simulated scenarios that help you learn how to build the trust of fictional child characters who you are concerned may be experiencing abuse.

Judge the behaviours of the children to use the right language and approach at the right time. Build their trust to help them talk about their experiences to successfully complete each scenario.

✅ Hone your active listening skills in a safe, realistic 3D graphical environment.

✅ Tackle a range of scenarios, created in collaboration with safeguarding experts from the NSPCC.

✅ Feel more confident about having difficult conversations with children who you’re concerned about.



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