Spar: Transforming employee training

Discover how Spar revolutionized employee engagement with Attensi BEHAVIOUR, elevating customer satisfaction and increasing turnover.

Transforming employee training

The Spar vision was to create the best local shopping experience. This presented a significant challenge. How can you provide highly effective employee training to achieve this ambition across 300 stores?

They wanted a training solution that would enhance customer satisfaction by training every employee to deliver excellent service.

Traditional e-learning methods fell short of engaging and effectively educating their workforce.

They needed a more innovative and impactful approach – and that’s where Attensi stepped in – bridging the gap with game-based training designed to engage.

“Attensi answered the big question and challenge that we have. How do we reach every employee in an effective and cost effective way? We see the results – higher turn-over, greater customer satisfaction and more engaged employees than ever.”

Ole Christan Fjeldheim

CEO | Kjøpmannshuset

The Attensi solution allowed employees to train in a realistic, simulated environment – practizing their customer service skills in a safe, virtual space, where they could learn from their mistakes and build confidence. By designing the training to be engaging and interactive, they were able to motivate players to repeat their training and improve their performance.

The results were remarkable. When Attensi’s gamified training was introduced, employees began to liken their in-store experiences to being inside the game – empowering them to transfer their skills.

The Attensi solution also encouraged competition among employees, with even the CEO participating. Ole Christian challenged his employees to beat his score, fostering a sense of friendly competition.

This repetition was pivotal in reinforcing new behaviors, breaking old habits, and driving engagement.

Most importantly, the effectiveness of Attensi’s training was quantifiable. Spar measured several key performance indicators and saw tangible results.

The results

Turnover/revenue increase after the training versus before the training:

1.1% for those who trained the least
2.5% for those who trained medium
3.4% for those who trained the most

Customer satisfaction in-store (improved points versus previous years):

7 points for those who trained the least
17 points for those who trained medium
48 points for those who trained the most

“Because we have measured the training and seen that it’s had an impact, you can’t debate or discuss that it works – it’s hard facts.”

Solveig Broen Kristensen

Project Manager

Attensi’s gamified simulation training successfully addressed Spar’s challenges and delivered results that transformed their employee training, improved customer satisfaction, and boosted the bottom line. Spar’s partnership with Attensi proved to be a game-changer.

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