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Our training journeys consist of a variety of engaging elements, including games, videos, readables, and everything in between. We believe in creating a well-rounded learning experience to ensure optimal understanding and skill development.

How it works

You’ll start as a Fundamentals Student, embarking on a journey to grasp the basics. This phase is dedicated to understanding the fundamental features of the product or the role you are preparing to take on.

Whether your goal is to utilize the full range of functionalities or create training content regularly, advancing to the Practitioner Student level will empower you to become a full-blown game-changer!

The SKILLS Journey

In SKILLS, the goal is to craft a light simulation environment for the players. This provides them with a delightful and enjoyable gaming experience that they can carry with them, whether on the bus or during breaks.

Simultaneously, SKILLS introduces recognizable dilemmas and relatable conversations, requiring players to confront real-world challenges. The key to creating effective SKILLS lies in igniting competitiveness while maintaining a balanced difficulty level.

It involves using language familiar to the players and presenting situations they can easily relate to. This approach ensures that the training is engaging, relatable, and effectively prepares players to apply their skills in practical scenarios.

The PROCESS Journey

In our system training, known as PROCESS, the goal is to immerse players in a digital system environment, allowing them to navigate through trial and error. This simulation mirrors real-world systems, providing a hands-on experience for users.

Creating effective PROCESS-training involves understanding the human attention span. The key is to design processes with the optimal length and the right number of hints, ensuring engagement and effective learning.

Additionally, anchoring the processes involves establishing the why through dialogues that resonate with players. Familiarity in the dialogue helps to connect the training to the players’ experiences, making the learning process more relatable and impactful.

The Superuser Journey

Embracing the role of an Attensi Superuser means becoming an extension of Attensi’s intelligence and capabilities. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that players are adequately prepared and ready to engage in the training sessions.

The Superuser journey encompasses thorough training on our facilitator tool, ADMIN. This tool equips you with the essential skills needed to proficiently manage and facilitate training sessions, enhancing the overall training experience.

Beyond ADMIN training, the Superuser journey includes access to the ultimate guide. This comprehensive resource covers everything you may wish to know or inquired about, providing you with a wealth of knowledge to navigate your responsibilities effectively.


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