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In conversation with Honest Burgers Head of Employer Brand, Oli Cavaliero, and Engagement & Comms Manager, Daniel Davis.

Learn from one of hospitality’s leading brands on how digital solutions can uplift the development and wellbeing of your people.


In just under 10 years of operating, Honest Burgers has developed a hard-earned reputation for freshness, quality, and innovation. But those qualities are not just limited to its menu.

In this exclusive webcast, Head of Employer Brand, Oli Cavaliero, and Engagement & Comms Manager, Daniel Davis talk us through the creation of ‘Honest College‘. Launched as a digital-first platform for onboarding and developing staff (during lockdown, no less), its results have earned rave reviews internally and across the industry.

Join us in conversation with Attensi Hospitality BD Director, Greg Hull, to lift the bun on how one of the most innovative brands on the high street develops its people to become extraordinary.

Topic timeline:


01:51 – What was life like before Honest College?

05:12 – What led you to persue a fully digital solution?

09:04 – How does Honest College work for staff?

17:56 – How much of the design was ‘top-down’ vs collaborative?

22:59 – What metrics do you track to measure success?

30:06 – How do you support staff mental wellbeing?

32:15 – What’s the future of Honest College?

“[Traditional e-learning] for us, it just wasn’t fit for purpose. We found that a lot of it was quite ‘tick-boxy’. Someone with 20 years experience, a head chef for example, was just ticking boxes for something that they’d learned 20 years ago.”

Oli Cavaliero, Head of Employer Brand


“[Learning] tech reduces admin, it improves clarity, it means there’s less confusion, which ultimately, we think, gives back our people more time. More time to be ‘human’, to have meaningful conversations with their colleagues.”

Daniel Davis, Engagement & Communications Manager

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Attensi is the world’s leading gamified simulation training provider. Driven by the best of psychology, learning, and gaming, our solutions engage your staff with measurable impact on your KPIs.

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Group classrooms are not an option for the foreseeable future.

❌ Mentoring through video chat ties up your best people and removes them from where they are most effective.

❌ E-learning software is too linear, too restrictive, and does not engage like an interactive format should.

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