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Podcast: Attensi’s CTO becomes the latest guest on the CTO Connection Podcast

Our brilliant chief technical officer, Anne Lise Waal was the latest guest on Peter Bell’s ‘CTO Connection Podcast’.

Together, they chatted about how marrying gaming with the corporate world to create a successful learning platform as well as the many different components that go into creating a successful gaming solution.


“It takes a village”

Anne Lise and Peter talked at length about the different roles that go into creating a successful gaming platform. With over a decade of experience in the gaming world, Anne Lise knows exactly what it takes to put the puzzle pieces together. 

There’s a common misconception that gaming is majoritively made up of developers and programmers. Really, developers and programmers make up around 30% of the total team working on any one game. Psychologists, content writers, animators and a number of other creatives are an integral part of designing an engaging and effective game. 

Managing client expectations

In such a forward thinking industry, there’s always advancements being made. Anne Lise explains how clients will often come to them with very specific requests for highly technical personalisations to their simulations. 

Popular games such as Fortnite and Fifa have raised expectations enormously. Anne Lise and Peter talked about how to balance wanting to provide the latest and greatest of their development capabilities and gaming innovation and not forcing ‘feature fatigue’ on their developers. Juggling these realistic deliverables is a crucial part of Attensi’s process. 

What do you think is coming up in the future? 

Rounding up the conversation, Peter asks Anne Lise what she feels will make its way from the gaming world into the mainstream over the next few years. The pair talk about how speech recognition will transform both gaming and simulation training for those who may have speech and language difficulties. While we’ve seen early versions of this technology, Anne Lise predicts it’ll become a lot more sophisticated in the coming years. 


Make sure you listen to the latest episode of the CTO Connection Podcast to hear the full conversation from Anne Lise and Peter. From technical debt to tackling overruns, there’s plenty to take away.

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