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Attensi product update: Sept. ’21

Welcome to the September Attensi Product Update; your guide to the newest Attensi features.

Would you like to see any of these innovations in action for yourself? Get in touch with our team through the links below and we’ll happily walk you through a live demo.



Get your people training even before their first day with ENGAGE

Attensi ENGAGE

Send SMS, email messages, and more to your people, encourage them to start their training journey, and boost engagement.

It’s one thing to create your perfect onboarding training modules, but quite another to get new starters to actually play through them in good timeOne customer, an international food delivery platform, tackled this problem using Attensi ENGAGE. 

? The team set up an auto email encouraging new starters to login on their first day of employment.

? These day 1 messages were auto followed up on day 4 and day 10 if the user hadn’t started their journey.

? To boost engagement and drive traffic to the app, extra incentives including prizes for top performer were offered.

? Messages were sent in 5 languages across 5 countries, with different messaging per territory, all through one solution.

Could your training benefit from an engagement boost? Ask your Attensi contact for a demo of ENGAGE today.




Mix things up with 2 new minigames: ‘Blanks’ & ‘Choice Chain’


Test your PROCESS users’ knowledge with a duo of new minigames to keep them on their toes.

‘Blanks’ presents users with an incomplete sentence and challenges them to finish it. How? By selecting the correct options from a bank of words listed beneath. The format is ideal for reviewing the key points at the end of a module. Or alternatively, for solidifying any topic that you can sum up with a short statement.

Meanwhile, ‘Choice Chain’ is a great option for reinforcing step-by-step processes or procedures. Users must pick from 2 choices: one correct, one false. As they progress through up to 5 steps in the chain they are rewarded with points or penalised for wrong answers. These choices can be either images or text statements, as you desire.

Keeping things varied with different minigames keeps your modules feeling fresh and engaging for learners. And most of all – fun!

Offer your users 2 new ways to top up their knowledge with ‘Blanks’ and ‘Choice Chain’, both available to try now through Attensi PROCESS.


Motivate and engage your SKILLS users with Introduction Hook

Attensi SKILLS


Include a video, avatar conversation, or minigame to introduce your users to their SKILLS training.

Before starting their first module, give your users the best possible impression of their new training. Your Introduction Hook could be a motivational video explaining its importance, a dialogue with an avatar that users will interact with throughout their modules, or anything else you see fit to help them progress.

If your users are already familiar with SKILLS, why not try a quick warm up quiz or minigame?

Find out more possibilities with Introduction Hook, available now through Attensi SKILLS. Interested to see how it works? Book a demo from our team today.



See any (or all) of these Attensi updates for yourself.



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