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Attensi product update: May ’21

Welcome to your Attensi Product Update; a personal guide to the latest and greatest Attensi suite features presented for your consideration.

In this edition, learn more about:

? The latest addition to the SKILLS minigame family: Runner.

?️ Adding some style and movement to your SKILLS backgrounds, with map view 2.0.

? Sending your users their completion certificates directly from your solutions.

? Offering a blend of real-life or remote events for your users’ schedules.

Read on for a rundown of each of the above. Keen to see one/all of them in action? Get in touch with your Attensi contact for a live demo and our team will happily walk you through it. 



Get the Ball Rolling With Your New Minigame: Runner

Attensi SKILLS


Your SKILLS training just got the full 3D treatment with Runner, our latest minigame.

Challenge your users to roll their way through one of four different colourful environments, smashing through the right answers as they go. Hitting the correct options will give them a speed boost, increase their points total, and get them to the finish line all the faster.

? Swipe left or right on your device to choose the ball’s path and hit correct answers to score points and increase your speed.

? Dodge the wrong answers and other obstacles to maintain your momentum.

? Feeling confident? Swipe up on the screen to speed things up, increasing the challenge and the points on offer!

Runner is an ideal way to up the adrenaline stakes in your training, as a fun final challenge, or even a memorable bonus round. Our most advanced (and speediest) SKILLS game to date, Runner is available now to try for yourself through Attensi CREATOR.



Chart a New Course with Map View 2.0

Attensi SKILLS

Add a touch of movement and personalisation to your SKILLS courses with the updated map view. 

First introduced a couple of years ago, the map view has grown to become one of the most popular SKILLS features. By adding a recognisable background theme to your training, users will instantly feel at home. And with the new feature set now available in map view 2.0 you can add an extra layer of imagination to your training.

?️ Breathe life into your maps with animated stickers that can be triggered to appear, disappear, or move depending on user performance.

?️ For example – have animations and stickers pop on screen when users have been approved in a module to announce their success.

?️ Make your maps feel hyper-personalised, encouraging them to return to their own tailored experience.



Send Completion Certificates Direct to Your Users’ Email Inboxes


Send certifications to your users’ email inboxes directly from your training, with no extra steps.

Acknowledging your users’ achievements as they progress on their learning journey is a big part of keeping them engaged. Help them feel that warm glow of success by sending a personalised certificate to their email address after they complete their courses.

Does your training require mandatory proof of completion? Simplify the distribution of any necessary documentation by setting the certificates to auto send to any registered email. No more manual follow ups with individual users, just set and forget.

Help to create a ‘word of mouth’ effect amongst your users, drive engagement, and maybe even foster a little friendly competition.



Add RealLife or Digital Events to Your Users’ Schedules 

Attensi PORTAL

Support your users’ blended learning journeys by adding reallife or digital events as required. 

Many onboarding processes require a mixture of in-person meetings, introductory talks, or digital classes to get new joiners up to speed. With the updates now available in PORTAL, offer your users a complete training hub to support their blended learning, with digital simulations, courses, and real-life events. 

? Offer a range of available dates for them to choose from, to attend either remote or in-person sessions.

? Each session can now be optionally assigned a date, starting time, duration, number of available seats, building address, room, and instructor name.

? Where required, assign mandatory courses for them to complete their training plan.

Create an engaging, fun, and gamified employee development experience, now all in one place, with your updated Attensi PORTAL.



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