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AI Powered Attensi


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to radically transform our lives in the coming years. AI elevates the speed, precision, and efficiency of human efforts. We are committed to pioneering the AI revolution that will reshape the learning and development industry.


Attensi AI will accelerate your Impact on your company

Over the upcoming months, Attensi will roll out Beta AI features in our products. These enhancements will enable content creators to develop impactful training solutions more quickly. This launch is just the beginning! In the years to come, AI will spark unprecedented creativity and efficiency. With AI as your ally, you can produce high-quality training faster, boosting productivity and impact.

Our dedicated developers are continually crafting new features to harness AI’s potential. These innovations aim to optimize impact both now and in the future. Experience the transformative power of AI and see how it can amplify your work and success.


The future of creating exceptional training solutions is here, powered by AI’s limitless potential.


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A Glimpse of the Future with Attensi

We are thrilled to provide a glimpse of the Generative AI developments our Attensi teams have been diligently working on. With Generative AI, you can create a greater impact at an accelerated pace. We hope you share our excitement about what’s coming. Game on!



1. Transforming PDF to Engaging Content

Feel overwhelmed when transforming a hefty manual from a PDF into engaging game content? Simply provide a topic and source material in text format, and let the Generative AI generate the content for you. Once the AI has suggested a training setup, it’s time for you to refine it to perfection.



2. AI-Enabled Translations

Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Konnichiwa! Soon, adding new languages will be easier than ever before. Just order translations for your content with one simple click, and let AI give you the first draft. Your translations will be ready for native speaker review before you know it. Get ready to experience our AI-powered translator for maximum impact! Imagine the possibilities with this freed-up time.


3. AI Voicing with Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech is a technology that converts written text into spoken words. With advancements in Generative AI technology, text-to-speech is now more efficient than ever. Write lines of dialogue and instantly bring them to life with AI-generated voiceovers. This frees up more of your time to craft engaging dialogues and captivating storylines.


4. AI-Generated Answers

We understand that creating questions and answers can be time-consuming. That’s why you’ll soon be able to generate answers based on your question. Just enter your question and click the button. You can customize the balance between right and wrong answers. If you’re not satisfied, click again for a new set!

AI will be integrated into several of our products over the coming months. Contact your Attensi representative today if you want to learn more!


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