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Your February news from Attensi

Livin’ la vida leaderboard

We’ve all been to an arcade and seen the high scores on Space Invaders or Pac-Man. As soon as you see it, you want to beat it. Attensi has used the same principles to bring you live leaderboards.

Encourage some healthy competition in your teams to maximise their enjoyment of their gamified training.

Using live leaderboards, you’ll be able to display the latest front runners – whether that’s at your latest event or just day to day in your office.

Who will make it to the top?

What do you need to know about leaderboards?

  • You can watch live updates as your leaderboards refresh every 30 seconds
  • It is easy to set up leaderboards across your existing positions or departments
  • There’s an unlimited number of participants and up to 30 visible on the leaderboard

Interactive minigames in SKILLS

You now have the power to gamify your very own videos in SKILLS. Upload real videos of your work environment and your own series of minigames.

This interactive approach is brilliant for anyone with specific questions about the day-to-day running of your organisation and giving your workplace real character. Currently, the supported mini-game types include:

  • True or false
  • Multiple choice
  • Hotspot

Go out and record a video and easily add it to your training to give your SKILLS a more relevant and relatable user experience!

Personalise your PORTAL

Your Attensi PORTAL is just another extension of your team. It should look the part, right? And with the new option to add a background, it couldn’t be easier.

By adding a background to PORTAL, you can now personalise it to reflect your brand.

Choose from a list of templates from Attensi or completely personalise the platform with your own brand assets.

Adding music to maps

What’s a good game without an awesome soundtrack?

We wanted your players to feel completely immersed in their virtual world. That’s why we’ve now added music to your SKILLS maps.

Add audio files and create a more three dimensional experience for your team.

To find out more about our new products, speak to one of our expert team members today:

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