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Latest news: Attensi launches ENGAGE

Attensi ENGAGE

How do you currently inform and inspire your people to complete new training?

Attensi ENGAGE is our self-service tool that is the perfect way to design and deliver entirely automated engagement campaigns.

Watch the video for a full demo of ENGAGE

The right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Using both email and SMS, Attensi ENGAGE is your tool to drive all-time-high engagement, promote launch events and ensure efficient follow-up processes in your organisation.

Your time to ENGAGE is here!

Great news! Attensi ENGAGE is ready for your organisation to start using today. Already smoothly integrated with your existing Attensi products, ENGAGE has been built to support your ongoing learning and development programme.

Schedule your messages to arrive at the perfect time

Send an automated message when a new employee joins, during a launch event, or when your employees are certified.

Easy to use – send messages within minutes

There’s no coding experience required to design your campaigns with Attensi ENGAGE. You’ll have everything you need at the touch of a button.

Integrated with existing Attensi products

Attensi ENGAGE is here to help, not hinder. That’s why we’ve made sure it’s seamlessly integrated with your existing Attensi products.

SMS messaging available

Different industries have different needs. If email is not where your teams get their information, send them an SMS directly from Attensi ENGAGE.

Personalisation and customisation as a standard

Attensi ENGAGE is here to support you in supporting your teams. That’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible to customise and personalise your messages to fit the needs of your organisation.

With Attensi ENGAGE, you’ll have the ability to:

Create time or trigger based campaigns

Customise time zones, send times and frequency

Add exclusion dates (public holidays for example)

Target specific user groups, departments, individuals

Add attachments and emojis to your messages

Use email or SMS or both in combination

Bitastad gets a bite of the action 

Leading Norwegian hospitality corporation Bitastad has shared the same challenges faced by those working in hospitality around the world.

How do they ensure new recruits are trained correctly in a remote and safe way? How do they let teams know of new launches or promotions without reverting to more traditional classroom methods? And most importantly, how can they provide engaging, effective learning across their organisations and chains?

Competence and motivation in one product

Training new staff members and providing refresher courses or new information to existing employees is a balance. There are a number of communications involved.

Since using Attensi ENGAGE, Bitastad have been able to automate a number of trigger based campaigns. For example, new team members will receive an SMS message triggered automatically before they start.

The SMS guides them through their next steps. By the time their first days on the job arrive, management can support them in learning practical skills associated with their role. They should have all the foundations they need from their gamified training.

Maximising user engagement

Bitastad have used ENGAGE to maximise their communications with existing employees. Automated campaigns are sent out to not only promote new products, but to remind team members to complete their Attensi training modules thanks to the integration with existing Attensi products.

Bitastad can now be confident that their teams are getting the right message, on the platform that suits their schedule and lifestyle in a timely manner.

To find out more about how you can reach your teams in an efficient and totally automated way, speak to one of our expert team members about Attensi ENGAGE today:

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