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Gamification: Why is behavioral change so difficult?

Understand how the human brain absorbs information and prepare to learn better, with clinical psychologist and Attensi Creative Director, Gaute Godager.

Unlock the secrets to human motivation, and learn how to harness them with gamified simulations.

Many of us love the idea of learning, but in practice, the reality of taking on new information is often harder than we first think.

In this talk delivered at Tekna, clinical psychologist and Attensi Creative Director, Gaute Godager gives you the cheat codes to understand how we learn, including:

● Mastering motivation – the difference between the Extrinsic and Intrinsic factors that drive us to take on new behaviours until they become habitual.

● Identifying the difference between the two distinct memory types that power the brain; Lexical and Procedural memory.

● How gamified simulations uniquely incorporate all of these factors to maximise and compound the learning process.

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