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The ultimate content creator!

It's self-service. It's easy to set up. It's visually striking. It's gamification of traditional content - it's FAST.

What is FAST?

FAST is a web-based tool you can use to create content when you’re in a time crunch! Create great looking bite-sized training that users can dip into with the tap of a button.

Watch our Product Manager, Espen Svartdal, explain how it works:


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It’s visually striking

FAST offers easily digestible, bite-sized content that users can swipe through on both mobile and desktop. Quickly scroll through smaller portions of text, videos or even multiple choice questions. We’ve added some fixed templates so you can easily make your content stand out and look great.​ Here you can tie your content together with immersive images that create a relatable narrative and captivating experience.​

Superfast to set up

FAST is intuitive and easy to set up! Once the product is purchased, log into and start creating content using the FAST editing tool. It is simple to master and create engaging content​.

You can select from seven intuitive steps to create your own content​. Use the drag & drop function to easily change the order of steps​. Plus, you can upload your own images or pick one from the integrated image database​. If you want to include videos, you can simply add them by inserting a YouTube or Vimeo link.

Easily add it to PORTAL

And now the most important part – FAST can be added to your PORTAL. With just a few simple steps​ you can add it to any learning journey, just like you would with any other Attensi products​! It’s also integrated with ADMIN dashboard for policy steering​ and you can manage and control certification criteria from the FAST Editor.


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Let Espen explain how easy it is to set up and distribute through PORTAL:

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As you might already know, we opened offices in both the US and Germany last year. We’re eager to bring the Attensi magic to even more organizations in these regions and hope that you can help us on that journey. As a valued partner of Attensi, you understand the transformative power of our innovative training solutions and what impact they have. Do you know someone who might like to learn more?

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