Why Gamified Training? And Why Now?


In conversation with gamification pioneer, Yu-Kai Chou, and Attensi Cofounder / CoCEO, Trond Aas.

Uncover the most effective method of training your staff for whatever else 2020 has in store, and beyond.

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Gamification. Game-based learning. E-learning. All terms you’ve most likely come across in relation to staff training. But how can they impact your business?

Are they all the same? Just how effective are these ‘games’ in getting actual results? Both for engaging your staff, and for moving the needle on your KPIs? And with remote training and onboarding now a daily reality for millions, is gamified-learning really a substitute for teaching face-to-face?

Join gamification pioneer, author, and international speaker Yu-Kai Chou in conversation with Attensi Co-CEO and cofounder, Trond Aas, to address these questions and much more.

Topic timeline:


02:15 – “Gamification… it’s all just playing video games at work? Right?”

10:03 – How to deliver against your KPIs with gamified training.

17:05 – Why bad onboarding kills your new starters’ motivation.

22:30 – Avoiding the ‘points and stars’ trap with your content.

30:14 – What kind of data can you get from gamified training?

Yu-Kai Chou – President, The Octalysis Group


“Gamification exists to create a business value. It uses entertainment as a means to an end, to accomplish greater things.”

“24% of any company is actively disengaged. They’re not just passive, they proactively don’t work hard. Motivating them is a strong aspect [of gamification].”

Trond Aas – CEO & Co-Founder, Attensi


“Great gamification leads to repeating the content. Driving repetition and triggering emotional responses really assist in making gamification very impactful.”

“What is it that you want to impact? What are the parameters you want to move?… Gamification done well should impact your KPIs.”

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How are you training your people for Q4?

Group classrooms are not an option for the foreseeable future.

❌ Mentoring through video chat ties up your best people and removes them from where they are most effective.

❌ E-learning software is too linear, too restrictive, and does not engage like an interactive format should.

Find out today how gamified simulation training could empower your people with the skills to tackle the rest of 2020 and beyond, with impact on your business goals that you can showcase.