Using Simulations to Protect Children:

With the NSPCC’s Laura Randall

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In conversation with Head of Strategy for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Laura Randall, and Attensi BD Director, Madeline Porter.

Learn how simulation training can be used to give adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations with children about difficult topics, like abuse.

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For most of us, having a serious conversation with a young child can be a challenge. Even more so if you’re concerned that they might be experiencing or at risk of abuse.

Research from the NSPCC’s Let Children Know You’re Listening project shows that adults often don’t feel secure in how to approach such a difficult subject. The charity has drawn on what they learned through this research and collaborated with Attensi on ‘Talk to Me‘: an interactive training simulation designed to give adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations with children about abuse.

Join us in conversation with the NSPCC’s Head of Strategy, Laura Randall, to uncover the lessons and insights from this one of a kind simulation, and how they can be applied in the real world.

In this discussion you will learn:


✅ How simulation training can help to tackle abuse through the power of conversation.

✅ How safeguarding experts from the NSPCC ensured the scenarios in ‘Talk to Me’ are as true to life as possible.

Testimonials and statistics on the impact the simulation has had since launch.

✅ Plans for this immersive form of training to be extended to more topics in the future.



Laura Randall – Head of Strategy, The NSPCC


Specialising in online harms and digital innovation, Laura and her team lead on developing solutions and educational resources to help people who work with children. They particularly focus on the risks children may encounter online, and effective safeguarding against these threats.

Prior to the NSPCC, Laura spent 15 years in law enforcement specialising in online child abuse and high risk investigations.

She is also a Churchill Fellow, obtaining funding for international research around raising awareness, understanding, and confidence in keeping children safe online.

Madeline Porter – Business Development Director, Attensi


At Attensi, Madeleine works with global organizations to deliver large-scale transformational changes through simulation training.

She has over 10 years experience delivering transformation projects in the corporate world. Madeleine is also passionate about applying this same simulation training methodology to the public sector to help deliver real impact on the challenges faced by wider society.

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