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Stouts and simulations: Attensi on the Craft Brewery Podcast


Attensi’s Tess Gorman recently met with Kary Shumway, founder of Craft Brewery Financial Training. The two took to a podcast on what Attensi’s unique solutions could offer the brewing industry.

Kary Shumway has over 20 years of experience in the brewing industry, and first used his financial expertise to help grow his own beer business.

Since then he has founded Craft Brewery Financial Training, a program designed to help passionate brewers understand the financials of their business and grow, and is the current CFO of Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, MA.

He is also the fantastic host of the Craft Brewery Financial Training Podcast, where you can listen to the full conversation between him and Tess Gorman of Attensi. Thanks for having us, Kary!

We recommend taking 30 mins to listen to the podcast for the full fascinating discussion.


What makes Attensi so effective?


Attensi are global leaders in gamified training solutions.

Blending technology with psychology, the end result is a program designed to motivate users to complete and repeat training, key in closing the knowledge gap


Simulation has been used for pilots and surgeons for years to great effect. We believe it can prove just as effective for your industry.

Allow your employees to practice in a safe environment, where they can be brave in their choices and watch them come out the other side with unmatched confidence.


You could have the best solution in the world, but it’s pointless if your staff never complete them. Our solutions are available across a range of devices, including mobiles.

Improve completion rates by delivering your training anywhere, anytime.

Easy of use

With Attensi, it’s never been easier to create new content to keep up with changing trends and information.

Your brewery has a new beer? Time to create training for your sales people.

Simply create your module within your Attensi platform, no coding experience required.

“We’ve had a few companies now have 45 repeats for each module per employee. So it really goes to show: how many times would you read a PDF versus how many times are you going to train when you’re having fun, you’re playing and you’re learning.” – Tess Gorman

Boost sales through upselling

Upselling is a valuable facet in all industries, but is particularly useful for craft breweries. Traditional training programs often don’t provide employees with the skills and confidence they need to be able to upsell effectively.

There are two main aspects to upselling: product knowledge and sales technique. Gamification is perfect for users to build and retain product knowledge. With that knowledge they can be confident in what they’re selling, and understanding which product best suits the customer.

Simulation effectively provides context to learning, and allows employees to practice sales techniques in true-to-life scenarios. Improve upselling by showing them which situations contain opportunities, and which techniques work best.

“We partnered with Bosch Siemens and they actually saw a 26.2% increase in sales of appliances for people that were trained through Attensi versus a 13% decrease in sales at stores where people did not partake in the training” – Tess Gorman

A measurable impact…

Attensi’s solutions come with comprehensive analytical insights, specific to the KPIs you want to focus on. For example, you can see when your employees are training, which modules they are repeating, and the progress they make with their scores. This visualization of the learning experience helps you identify successful approaches, see which aren’t as effective, and make informed decisions based on this data.

…means a visual return on investment

One of the hardest things to quantify is a return on investment. This is where the data becomes particularly useful. See the impact our training has upon your employees’ knowledge, and see that reflected in the growth of your company.

It also has been proven to improve employee retention with many of our clients. Improving this is a simple way to see the fiscal benefits of our solutions, as it costs less to keep a trained employee than to hire a new one.


“What is the goal of your training? We want great customer service but I gotta be honest, that’s about as vague of a goal as you can get. Whatdo you mean? What does that mean exactly? Set very specific outcomes, very measurable, to see if you get if you get there. And then I think that brings it back to the numbers, as I often do. When I’m working with clients, you know, generally speaking, if you want to improve your financial outcomes, you’re looking at three categories. You can increase sales, you can increase margins, you can decrease expenses. You can do some combination or just really simplify it.” – Kary Shumway

Developing your employees

One of the main benefits of a training solution is that it helps improve your employees, which is not only good for them, but good for your organization. The latest generation of employees see career development as one of the deciding factors when choosing a role. Investing in training solutions can make your business all the more attractive.

As well as improving employees, the data our solutions produce go a long way in helping you see where individuals belong in the long term. For example, you can see that employee A has completed and repeated the module on marketing more than anyone else. You might see this as an opportunity to initiate a conversation about whether that’s where they see themselves within your organization. From there, you can decide the next steps in their development.

On the other hand, it also lets you see those who are unmotivated to repeat modules. You can then take the appropriate steps to see why and try and motivate them.

“You’ve got it in your hand. It’s a game. Because the tried and tested way to do this is to have an onboarding session, right? You bring everybody into a room and you do a PowerPoint, and half the people don’t pay attention. They’re asleep, and they don’t retain it. So this sounds like a way to kind of repeatedly kind of ingrain the training in them in a way that they can connect with it.” – Kary Shumway

Attensi are the global leaders in gamified simulation training solutions. Unlock the full potential of your employees and organization with the future of training. Banish the boring with our fun, engaging and effective solutions. Book a demo or speak to an expert today.


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