Increased Engagement Means Higher Profitability


Attensi is working with a wide range of leading retailers, and our gamified simulations enhance employee performance and create real world results. The training feels real and fun, bridging the gap between training and reality.

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Gamification a Driver for Growth

Attensi has specialized in supporting management to implement best-practice in large, distributed organisations through gamified simulations. Over the past 5 years we have implemented more than 100 unique gamified simulations, with a significant portion of this work in the retail sector.

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“Attensi solutions became a key element in a comprehensive program that created significant uplift in total sales and basket size.”

Pål Wibe, CEO, Europris


Revenue Increase for Products Included in Gamified Training

Results analysis from a Norwegian retailer (2017)

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Retail store licensed attensi

Employees Enjoy This Form of Active, Engaging Training


  • 95%

    …like the training

  • 8%

    …uplift in overall customer satisfaction index

  • 5%

    ..sustained like-for-like growth

Our Products Will Always


… feel realistic and authentic

… be fun to play – and to repeat

… give a documented impact on learning, motivation, and KPIs

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The Attensi 3D simulations replicate the real-life workday in our SPAR stores. We clearly see that the stores that use the simulations increase their like-for-like sales growth and customer satisfaction scores.
Ole Christian Fjeldheim, CEO Kjøpmannshuset Norge AS