Retail Staff Training

With Measurable Impact

Ensure your frontline retail staff live up to the consistent standards your business needs.

Cut your employee time to competency down to size with immersive onboarding.

Measure the impact on your retention, and bottom line, with gamified simulation training.



Training retail staff in challenging times


The retail industry knows a thing or two about challenging times. But this may just be the most challenging environment for retailers in living memory.

Doing more with less is a reality for most working in retail today. With customer expectations higher than ever, balancing excellent service with operational tasks is a daily challenge. And with significantly reduced footfall for physical stores, it’s essential for your people to maximise every opportunity.

Add in new safety protocols, hygiene routines, the need to cross-sell and upsell – it’s a lot for your staff to take get to grips with. Muddled onboarding and half-baked training are liabilities you cannot afford.

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How SPAR boosted customer satisfaction and revenue with gamified training


Multinational convenience store retailer SPAR needed a different approach to upskill its frontline staff. One where they could learn from mistakes in a safe environment without fear of consequences.

With Attensi BEHAVIOUR, the SPAR team created an immersive 3D recreation of one of its stores. The simulation challenges users with the kind of daily tasks they will face in their roles, from store cleanliness to keeping customers happy.

  • 3.4%

    boost in revenue from stores which trained the most with the gamified simulation.

  • +45

    Customer satisfaction scores from those same stores improved by 45 points vs the previous year.

  • 1.1%

    extra revenue from stores which trained the least.

2.5x revenue growth: The impact of Bohus’ gamified training


Scandinavian furniture retailer Bohus needed to make sure its sales staff had a complete understanding of its new range of products ahead of a big promotional launch.

Using Attensi SKILLS, Bohus created an intensive training programme over the 6 weeks prior to launch. Delivered as a mobile app directly to staff devices, the training used a range of mini-games and interactive scenarios to help staff sharpen their product knowledge.

Amongst stores who trained the most with Attensi SKILLS, revenue increased by up to 2.5x compared to stores who trained the least. 96% of staff agreed the training improved their product knowledge.



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"It has helped us increase merchandise sales and basket size while reducing employee turnover. Plus, 97% of store managers like this type of training and say it makes onboarding easier and ensures more consistent behaviour."
Kristian Planke Styrmo, Director of People Development, Circle K

Why repetition matters

We use a combination of the best insights from training, gaming, and clinical psychology to design all our solutions with user repetition front of mind. Why?

Research confirms that repeating content is the most essential ingredient for learning new skills and behaviours. In fact, if training only occurs once, after just one month up to 80% of learning is forgotten.*

*Hermann Ebbinghaus – Memory; a Contribution to Experimental Psychology