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Attensi’s online interactive training for banks provides measurable, real-time results for your organisation. With effective training for the banking sector, your organisation will consistently deliver high performance services across the board.


Adaptable training solutions for the banking sector

The banking sector has transformed dramatically in recent years. Consumers now have their banking information at their fingertips and technology has changed the way many of us handle our financial transactions.

Organisations need to continually use banking training and learning solutions to keep their employees up to date and to help build trust and confidence with consumers.

Banking sector training at every level within your organisation

Whether your organisation is operating in retail, investment, internationally, or digitally; Attensi is the perfect banking training solution.

From front-line customer service staff to your senior team members, Attensi provides global banking training solutions for the people at all levels within your organisation.

Stay up to date with the latest compliance and regulatory changes with banking training solutions that work for you.

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Training solutions for national and international banking institutions & companies

Build the skills of your people with banking training solutions that help your organisation successfully deliver new products and services. Attensi’s unique platform provides training to the banking industry that’s flexible, fun, and engaging.

Interactive and innovative training

Attensi’s state-of-the-art, gamified banking training solutions give your employees the opportunity to experience life-like scenarios to facilitate learning and development.

Our immersive virtual reality and 3D experiences enable your people to learn new skills without worrying about the impact of mistakes.

For banks with a retail presence, show your teams how to provide the absolute best customer experience. In the banking world, reputation and trust is everything – give your people the tools to deliver outstanding service every time.

Learning without borders

At Attensi, we know that today’s technology allows your organisation to provide your services all over the world. That’s why we provide global banking training solutions.

Our training solutions are available in multiple languages, across various countries for banks and institutions that have an international presence.

Attensi is also the perfect industry training partner for banking organisations that are looking to expand their operations internationally.

Our training is available in 140 countries and has been translated into 30 different languages.

Easy integration with your existing banking sector LMS

Attensi is equipped to compliment and support your existing banking sector training and learning. Our solutions can be easily connected with your current banking sector LMS.

This gives your organisation the power and flexibility to provide engaging and efficient banking industry training that’s effortlessly tracked and measured to fit your business needs.


Retail bank employee training & development

The people your customers come into contact with most often need to be up to date with the latest developments in the banking sector.

Give your employees the knowledge they need to build customer loyalty and trust. With Attensi, your teams can stay informed of changes in compliance.

Attensi will provide training in:

Inductions & onboarding

Banking sales & cross selling training

Product knowledge training

Telephone banking

Ongoing compliance & regulatory training

Customer service & conversation courses

Data protection, GDPR & records management

Customer complaints handling training

Banking transformation training

The global banking sector is ever changing and new challenges are always around the corner.

We provide everything from online banking training to help transform your operations to retraining your team to keep your employees up to date with technology advancements.

Attensi can equip your people with the skills and knowledge to meet those challenges with effective training in:

New product & service training

Regular training on banking systems

Training & development of existing employees

Training on updating IT systems

Desktop or mobile banking systems training

Training solutions for investment banks

Attensi offers investment bank training that makes sure your organisation has every box ticked. Our investment bank training solutions include:

Investment banking inductions

Regulatory training

Investment banking product training

Asset management training

Financial modelling

Corporate valuation

IPO process

Financial statement analysis

An evolving industry needs banking sector training that does the same

Using an immersive learning experience, through the use of interactive and simulation banking sector training helps deliver higher success rates for your team.

Track and measure your people’s learning and development with internal insights your senior team can use to measure success.

You’ll see the results of your banking industry training in real time, giving your business the opportunity to set goals and targets appropriately.

Effortless integration with your current banking sector LMS

Attensi gives you the power to manage all your banking training solutions in one platform. We can easily integrate simulation based training solutions with existing banking LMS systems for easy tracking, measurement, and reporting. Your banking sector training all in one easy to use place gives you complete control over your team’s training, targets, and goals.



Does Attensi deliver training solutions across international markets and in multiple languages?

Attensi is a global leader in providing gamified training solutions. We know the banking sector is a worldwide industry. That’s why we offer our training in multiple languages to suit the needs of banking organisations. Attensi has users in 140 countries across the world and our simulations have been translated into 30 languages.

Will Attensi work with our 3rd parties or agencies for content creation?

Yes! Collaboration and teamwork is essential to the success of the banking sector. We know the power of working together and we’ve worked with a number of banking sector organisations for content creation and implementation of training solutions. We value working with third parties to deliver banking industry training that’s unrivalled.

Can we create simulated & interactive environments for banking sector staff training?

Absolutely! One of the best advantages of working with Attensi is we will provide real life situations and scenarios for your people to learn from. Our banking industry training is built and designed around your organisation’s requirements. We offer customisable simulated and interactive training that can help your people develop the skills required to do their job to the highest standard in the real world.

Can we integrate Attensi's solutions within our existing LMS?

You can easily integrate Attensi’s training solutions with your existing banking sector learning management system. We have a wealth of experience integrating existing learning management systems across the banking industry. We’re always happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.

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