Train Your Staff for 

Whatever Comes Next 


Prepare your people for whatever challenges 2021 has in store, with gamified simulation training.

Train your staff consistently, at scale, with a suite of remote learning solutions designed by workplace psychologists.

Track the results against your KPIs and measure the impact on your productivity.



The way we work has changed. Has your training?


Quarterly planning will be different this year. New hygiene standards, social distancing, and remote work are a reality for millions of employees. And when training methods have largely stood still for the best part of 20 years, preparing your people for work has never been more challenging.

❌ Group classrooms are not an option for the foreseeable future.

❌ Videos can be consumed remotely, but remain a passive form of learning with zero participation.

❌ E-learning is too linear, too restrictive, and does not engage like an interactive format should.

Find out today how gamified simulation training could empower your people with the skills to tackle 2021 and beyond, with impact on your business goals that you can showcase.

How gamified simulation training worked for Wilhelmsen 


International shipping giant Wilhelmsen needed a tool to ensure consistent implementation of its new IT system.

With Attensi gamified simulation training, the Wilhelmsen team effectively rolled out new processes and procedures across multiple locations, with 95% of staff displaying mastery of their new skills.



Train your people remotely, wherever they are


Attensi SKILLS allows you to upskill your people wherever they are with category-leading training. All on a device they are already comfortable with – their phone.

✅ Select from a range of engaging mobile minigames to gamify your training.

✅ Build your own modules using our intuitive toolset; no coding required.

✅ Track and reward the top performers with live leaderboards.


Remote learning with measurable organizational impact, whatever your sector


Attensi PORTAL enables you to host all your learning content in one easy to access cross-platform hub.

✅ Integrate your existing videos, manuals, and PDFs alongside all Attensi solutions.

✅ Drag and drop content to create new learning courses, with zero coding required.

✅ Track and measure your people’s progress against your internal KPIs.


Success through repetition


Driven by the best insights from workplace psychology, training, and gaming, Attensi solutions are designed to be repeated. Why?

Because documented research proves that repetition is essential to learning new skills and behaviours. If training only occurs once, after just one month, up to 80% of learning is lost.*


*Hermann Ebbinghaus – Memory; a Contribution to Experimental Psychology

"Training staff to deliver exceptional customer service consistently is incredibly difficult. That is why I'm delighted to partner up with Attensi who deliver an innovative solution that is not only effective but is also fun."
Julian Metcalfe, Itsu Founder