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With Attensi, unlike other training materials that I have, we’re able to see the return on the investment, just like that.
When I first saw a demo of the app I immediately said, ‘We have to have this in the United States.

– Jenny Payne, Boehringer Ingelheim Director of Marketing & Technology Training


“The response that I have gotten to the Attensi Skills solution has been just tremendous. In science, we have discoveries nearly every week. We need to ensure that our employees are at that level of scientific knowledge. The Attensi solution really differs from the usual training methods that we have used because you can really see they have fully deeply looked into the psychology of learning.”

– Erica Rademacher, Boehringer Ingelheim International Product Manager

Whatever staff training you’re after, from new procedures to software, Attensi’s got you covered:


Product training

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing and evolving. That’s why a global pharmaceutical company used Attensi to:

  • Launch two new indications
  • Train staff on a specific disease
  • Inform staff on pivotal trials

On completion, we had successfully closed 93% of the identified knowledge gap.


You know your L&D offering is working when you can see the positive impact of behavioural change across your organisation. And it’s something we’ve achieved in the past.

Working with a large pharmaceutical company, we created gamified simulation training to help them improve their coaching and compliance training in eight different languages.

on track


Whether it’s workflow or practical system procedures, an Attensi gamified simulation sets up your team for success.

Partnering with a global pharmaceutical company, we created system-based training tailored to train its team on complex workflows.

Boehringer Ingelheim and Attensi

Partnering with Boehringer Ingelheim, we developed an app to give sales reps the information they needed about two new indications. After the training was rolled out across 25 countries, we collated the results:

✔️ 96% of staff say the learning helped them understand the new treatment better

✔️ 91% of the knowledge gap closed

✔️ 6 repetitions per user

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