Attensi is collaborating with the Crown Prince Couple’s Fund in Norway to train leaders in the youth development program Flyt.

For the leaders of today and tomorrow: game-based training for Flyt managers

Attensi is collaborating with the Crown Prince Couple’s Fund in Norway to train leaders in the youth development program Flyt.

The Crown Prince Couple’s Fund was set up to prevent social isolation and promote wellbeing among youngsters in Norway.

Flyt is one of the programmes they’ve developed to help young people navigate and progress through secondary education.

Attensi has created game-based training to equip more than 80 Flyt leaders with the skills they need to deliver the support to young people in secondary schools in Norway.

How gamified training improves leadership skills

Leaders have to make important decisions everyday. They need to be able to motivate people and manage performance. These skills are always evolving and leaders never stop learning.

Attensi’s gamified training is an innovative approach to learning and development. Using cutting-edge technology, our immersive training solution puts leaders in a virtual world that mirrors real life. The interactive nature of the training allows leaders to develop their skills effectively.


Putting you in the picture

Combining 3D modelling with knowledge of human behavior, our gamified training creates authentic environments where leaders can solve a range of problems. This is extremely beneficial for the leaders at Flyt, and will help them to better understand how to approach situations with the young people they’re working with.

How helpful would it be to be able to practice a difficult conversation as if it were real? With gamified simulation training, you can.


Decisions make an impact

Using gamified simulation training, you can customize any number of consequences depending on the decisions made by the player.

This way, leaders can see the genuine impact of the decisions they make. As a result, when it comes to real life, leaders are equipped to make better, more informed decisions.


A safe place to fail

Mistakes happen. It’s what you do when they happen that matters. We like to think of them as learning opportunities. When leaders are given the freedom to make mistakes without consequences, they can use the lesson to do better next time.

Learning from failure is a critical part of success. Getting things wrong allows leaders to improve and grow vital skills. Gamified training gives players the unique opportunity to make decisions without the fear of real-world consequences.


Gamified training provides measurable results

In traditional, classroom-based learning, it’s nearly impossible to truly measure the success of training programs.

But with game-based training, players will get real-time feedback and scores. Being able to measure success means you can tailor your training to make sure you’re achieving the goals that matter most.


Repetition equals retention

Repetition in learning plays an important role in improving knowledge retention. If we learn something only once, the chances of quickly forgetting what we’ve learnt are incredibly high. Studies have shown that our ability to remember something depends crucially on the number of times we’ve reviewed it1.

With gamified training, players feel motivated to keep going back to improve their scores. This repetition helps new skills and knowledge stick.


Learning anytime, anywhere

We rely on our mobile devices to make our lives easier. We use our devices for shopping, booking travel, and staying in touch with friends and family. Why should learning and development be any different?

Gamified training can be accessed with devices we’re already familiar with, like mobile phones and tablets. This reduces the amount of time spent getting to and from in-person training and means players can learn at a time and place that suits their schedule.

This is particularly important for Flyt that can no longer provide training for managers locally. Using gamified training, they’re able to make sure their leaders are learning the skills they need within the app.


Out with the old, in with the new

Mobile learning appeals to young leaders. Millennials and Gen Z enjoy learning on-the-go. At Attensi, we’re committed to delivering a platform that fosters a positive learning experience. Providing flexibility and convenience is a huge part of that experience.

Let’s be straightforward about it. No-one enjoys sitting in a stuffy classroom for hours and in the end they haven’t really learned anything.

Research shows that intense 20 minute bursts of study, separated by 10 minute breaks results in better long term memory retention2. The bite-sized modules used in gamified training allows players to learn at a pace that works for them. Inevitably, this makes learning more effective and engaging.

Gamification makes learning fun

The unique learning experience you get when using gamified training is a fun way to learn.

Because it feels like a game, it’s more engaging and rewarding. This makes leaders come back for more and motivates players to continue learning.

We’re excited to help develop the skills of leaders at Flyt and to help them on their journey of nurturing the next generation of leaders.

If you’d like to learn more about Attensi’s innovative gamified training solutions, speak with an expert today.

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