Health and Wellbeing

We empower people to be the best they can be through game-based training.



Our training is not only designed to improve hard (technical) skills but also to help people develop the behaviors and soft skills required to withstand adversity, build resilience, and better understand the emotional needs of others.

We work with organizations that provide preventative measures and education to strengthen people’s mental resolve and wellbeing, whatever their situation.

How our training is used:

– Mental health training for adults, adolescents and children

– Training to boost confidence and resilience

– Improve people’s ability to have difficult conversations with vulnerable children and adults

Read on to discover how we’re already having a positive impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing.





Partnering with Outpatient mental healthcare company Onebright, we designed simulations to reinforce positive decision-making and strengthen adolescents’ resolve to ask for help and improve managers’ ability to help those suffering from mental health issues in the workplace.

Brightspeed mental health training


Accessed via an app on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, the gamified simulation training aims to:

– help teenagers deal with mental health issues, including suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

– give managers the confidence and skills they need to improve the management of mental health conditions in the workplace, master the right behaviours, and provide the right support for colleagues.

To discover how you can make this training available to your people, contact one of our team.


Created in collaboration with safeguarding experts from children’s charity the NSPCC, Talk to Me is an interactive training simulation designed to give adults the confidence to hold difficult conversations with children in the real world.

Guiding adults through a range of interactive simulated scenarios, users learn how to build the trust of fictional child characters who may be experiencing abuse. The scenarios are set in a school environment and deal with concerns about domestic and sexual abuse.

The simulation is already having a positive impact. Feedback from users showed that 95% agreed with the statement that they now felt more confident talking to children about abuse.

In addition, 98% stated that the material was relevant to their work and 98% said they would recommend the simulation to friends and colleagues.

Talk to Me is playable for free on a home computer and runs through your internet browser. To try the app, select this link: Innovate UK (

To read more about our work with the NSPCC, select the following links:

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Helping Hand

Partnering with publishing firm Gyldendal and psychiatrist Dr Raknes, we developed the Helping Hand app.

Helping Hand is a digital role-playing game focused on strengthening adolescents’ abilities to deal with mentally challenging situations, including anxiety, bullying and depression.

The simulation, which takes players through a series of life-like scenarios in a computer game-style setting, is designed to reinforce positive decision-making and strengthen adolescents’ resolve to ask for help when they need it.

The simulation has already helped 2,000 Syrian teenagers in camps in Central Beqaa, Lebanon. The teenagers said that the game made them feel better and helped them make better sense of their world.

As part of a survey, 28% of the adolescents reported what WHO classifies as ‘normal wellbeing’ before playing the game, while 99% reported normal wellbeing 10 weeks on.

Following its success, the simulation has been rolled out in Ukrainian to help victims of the ongoing conflict and is available to schools and adolescents across Norway. Helping Hand has also been recognized by the World Economic Forum’s open innovation platform, UpLink, as tech for good.



Helping Hand is now available in English, French, Norwegian, Ukrainian and Arabic.

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Crown Prince Couple’s fund and FLYT

Attensi is collaborating with the Norwegian Crown Prince Couple’s Fund to reduce the drop-out rate in secondary education and help young people navigate the challenges they may face at school, college and in life.

The youth development program, called Flyt, has been set up to prevent social isolation and promote wellbeing among youngsters. Every year around 500 young people participate in the program, with great results.

To continue to expand the program, Attensi is:
– helping FLYT reach their participation goal of 10,000 young people by 2026
– providing its technology to support the training of both program leaders and its participants.