Matt Simmons

Join Dean Humphrey as he meet Matt Simmons – Senior L&D Manager at Starbucks UK.

When: 13th June
Time: 12pm (GMT)
Where: LinkedIn LIVE

    Starbucks & Attensi

    Building An Inclusive Culture & Environment

    Dean Humphrey met with a very special guest, old colleague, friend and customer, Matt Simmons – Senior L&D Manager at Starbucks UK.

    They discussed how Starbucks UK create and maintain an inclusive environment for their 16,000 partners (employees) and their customers alike.

    They took a deep dive on how Starbucks creates a welcoming environment for every community, with a focus on the unique collaboration with Attensi and the British Deaf Association to create a British Sign Language training solution; improving communication for deaf colleagues and customers.

    What inspired the project?

    Starbucks releases pioneering British Sign Language Training:

    Starbucks UK is improving communication for the Deaf Community with game-based British Sign Language training to all 18,000 UK employees.

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