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December 2022: Feature updates for the festive season

It’s time for your December updates from Attensi.

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PROCESS update adds new (dialogue) dimension

Our latest PROCESS update tests your people’s multitasking skills to the max. PROCESS, our IT training solution, tasks users with navigating any IT system, while handling real-time questions from an avatar caller.


What this update means for the real world

One of many ways to use this function in your training could be for employees working in call centers, where staff are required to provide great customer service while completing processes and admin tasks on their computer.

Using the latest PROCESS update, you can replicate typical customer scenarios in a safe-to-fail environment. This means your staff can master multitasking without the consequences of making mistakes with a real-life customer.

To discover how we provided call center training for insurance giant American National, read the full story here.


YO! dramatically reduces staff turnover

For YO! serving up game-based training delivered some tasty results. The Japanese-inspired restaurant chain didn’t just reduce staff turnover by 10%, but also cut training time.

Plus, staff loved the fun, flexible and easy to follow online scenarios we created. Our game-based simulation training transformed the way YO! delivers learning for its people.

To learn what else we achieved together, watch the video and read the full story here.

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ADMIN dashboard gets a new look

Tracking the progress of your people just got easier. With our latest launch, you can now filter by training type. To do this, select either Show Mandatory or Show All Modules to view completion rates for different training types.

That’s not the our only dashboard update. Because we love hearing from you, we’ve added a feedback and support button. To access these new features, click the question mark icon in the bottom right of your screen and follow the steps. We can’t wait to hear from you.

To discover all our updates in detail, watch the full video here:

If you need any help getting your dashboard set up, or you have questions or feedback on the new design, you can speak to your Attensi contact now.

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