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Unlock the possibilities of 2023

New year, new features

- IT Security Blueprints - deliver training at speed and scale with our templated solutions
- Employee wellbeing - we've partnered with Onebright to improve employee mental health
- Workflow - our latest updates have made this solution even more realistic
- US expansion - find out which big name clients we're already working with

Together, let's make 2023 a year to remember!

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Templated solutions to save you time

Our IT Security Blueprint is here. Our Blueprint SKILLS modules can help you deliver IT security training to your organization at speed and scale, saving you time.

In our IT security training you will meet and mentor a witty character called Tom. This individual is no IT security expert, meaning you’ll have to take the lead and successfully guide him through a variety of pre-made minigames.

To find out more, reach out to your Attensi contact today!

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Put your people’s mental health at the top of your agenda

Right now, one in six employees is struggling with mental health issues.

It’s vital that organizations address these issues – and offer their people the support they need.

Partnering with Onebright, the UK’s leading outpatient mental healthcare company, we created a gamified mental health training program that helps business leaders and managers engage in mental health conversations with their teams and support individuals with life pressures at work and home.

Currently this is a UK-only solution. However, please contact us to discuss Mental Health training solutions in your region. Make a difference to your employees today!

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WORKFLOW updates take true-to-life simulations to the next level

WORKFLOW gets not one but two updates.

1. Notebook revamp

The “Notebook” feature now allows users to include images alongside text, making the simulations even more immersive and realistic.

Plus, you can now create goals for your team, which players can review, track and complete during gameplay.

2. Improved meeting scenarios

Our gameplay meeting environment puts your players in the hot seat. Thanks to our latest update, you can now include multiple avatars in stand-up or formal sit-down meetings.

To roll out this feature, book in a (real-world) meeting with our team today.

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US expansion: Attensi is going global

In 2022 we crossed the pond to open our very first US office in Boston, Massachusetts. As you might expect by now, we’ve been superfast in establishing our presence by hiring 20 gamechangers.

The team, led by Huw Newton-Hill, General Manager, Attensi US, is already working with large organizations, including American National, Circle K, Accenture and Pepsi Co.

Alongside our new office, we‘re also opening a USA located data center. This will give our customers the option to host their data in the USA.

Just so you know, our cloud=based platform currently runs on a EU/EAA located data centre. This is, and will continue to be, our default data center for all customers.

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